Colleagues determined to ride out storm

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 May, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 May, 2004, 12:00am

Remaining radio talk-show hosts yesterday said they were also feeling the heat from mounting pressure but they would remain in their posts.

Peter Lam Yuk-wah, co-host of Commercial Radio's Teacup in a Storm, said the abrupt departure of Allen Lee Peng-fei, his former partner Albert Cheng King-hon and Wong Yuk-man indicated that phone-in programmes were under intense pressure.

'What is most terrible is that you don't know where the pressure comes from, and talk-show hosts have been falling one by one,' he said.

Lam, who had been a partner with Cheng on Teacup in a Storm since 1995, said he had not received any threats so far, and would stick to his style of hosting the programme.

Ng Chi-sum, co-host of Talkabout, RTHK's phone-in programme, said he was sad to see Mr Lee quit under pressure.

'I wonder whether some political forces are determined to force outspoken hosts to shut up to ensure the pro-Beijing camp hold their seats in September's Legislative Council election, even though it would damage Hong Kong's international image,' he said.

A fellow co-host of Talkabout, Robert Chow Yung, agreed that the current political atmosphere was pretty bad. 'I think a lot of pressure comes from the political stance [hosts express] in the programme,' he said.

Chow, who hosts his show in a balanced and impartial manner, said he felt less pressured.




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