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PUBLISHED : Friday, 04 June, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 04 June, 2004, 12:00am

Q Should efforts be stepped up to catch the Mid-Levels dog poisoner?

As a pet owner I am once again disgusted, and have a renewed vigilance in watching that my dog does not consume poison, as well as keeping my eye out for the fool carrying out this crime.

When I read about this, again and again, it makes me think of why or what someone hates so much in our beloved pets. I would guess there are many people who do not understand the love between a dog and a human. However, I do believe that everyone dislikes stepping in someone else's mess. Words of wisdom to my fellow dog owners: clean up after your dog and maybe the dog slayer will cease his cruel punishment.

Carrie Homewood, Wan Chai

I am appalled by the recurring incidents of dog poisoning. I wrote to your newspaper back in November when my friend's dog was poisoned near his home in Tsing Yi during a morning walk. The poor miniature schnauzer could not be saved.

Despite our efforts to alert the police and get witnesses to testify, nothing has since been done to bring the guilty to justice. I, along with the owner and several neighbours, tried in vain to contact various government bodies but nobody was interested.

Even the SPCA failed to take action after learning the location of this particular incident. I am therefore surprised and furious to learn that the SPCA is now taking a sudden interest in the Mid-Levels dog poisoning incidents. There is no doubt efforts to catch the Mid-Levels offender should be stepped up, but similar cases happening in other less affluent parts of Hong Kong should be accorded the same concern.

Name and address supplied

I think it is deplorable that someone is poisoning dogs on Black's Link and as a regular runner along this path I will certainly contact the police if I spot anyone behaving suspiciously.

However, it must also be noted that the sight and smell of dog faeces along this path is always present. Only last week I noticed a middle-aged western woman walking her terrier and making no attempt to clean up after the dog. Some helpers only use a newspaper to dispose of the mess when they spot me approaching.

It does not take much guesswork nor profiling of the poisoner to come to a conclusion that he or she is more than likely a regular user of this path and surrounding area and harbours a deep-rooted resentment towards dogs defecating all over the paths. It is not just a police matter. It is also very much up to the owners to get their own house in order.

Graeme Brechin, Wan Chai

Q Should the government press ahead with its super-jail plan?

I am a resident of Discovery Bay. I think the super-prison project at Hei Ling Chau is a monument to human stupidity and arrogance. Why does a prison have to be on prime seafront ground? Why can't the government place the super-prison somewhere out of sight in the New Territories close to the border ? Whose friend is going to make money developing this?

The last remaining wilderness should be kept for our children so that they can go to the last remaining wild places and breathe fresh air. Or they should be developed into hiking and camping ground. Please no more cement over trees.

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Why is our government so seemingly oblivious to the beauty and value of our natural surroundings? Where is the sense in desecrating a visually beautiful island in the middle of our pristine outer harbour to construct a penal institution? What first-world government in its right mind would propose such a misguided plan, plus building a 2.2km bridge over unspoiled island waters in a conservation area, for only occasional use by government vehicles?

None of the arguments put forward so far by the government hold water, having been addressed and roundly dismissed by concerned organisations and green groups throughout the past year. But still our government trundles along; the latest proposal to press ahead with building the super-jail at Hei Ling Chau within the existing typhoon shelter is just yet another example of our government's 'bulldozer' approach, regardless of the rising chorus of dissent.

This is a major infrastructure project - why has there been no proper public consultation?

The government's assurances that there will be public consultation sound so hollow. I am a long-term resident of Mui Wo and I am not aware of any serious attempt to consult the real public - I mean the people who will be actually affected by this rape of our immediate environment. The government officials responsible for endorsing this proposal should be ashamed of themselves, for allowing such a potential environmental disaster to develop thus far. What message are they leaving for our future generations?

Anna McLaughlin, Lantau

Q Should we all turn off our air-cons to save the planet?

In an ideal world, we should, but most Hong Kong buildings are designed to rely on air-conditioning for air flow and cooling. Maybe future buildings should be designed to use external airflow as a means of ventilation. I find it incredible, however, that schools, businesses and building management find it necessary to cool buildings excessively during the summer, to the extent that students and workers need to wear warm clothes and sweaters when inside. I suggest that instead of turning off the air-conditioners, we simply adjust the dials to 22 degrees Celsius.

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