PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 June, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 June, 2004, 12:00am


Vol 3.0: The Subliminal Verses


There's something that many involved in today's music industry often forget: that the product they're marketing is something primal, it works on the brain, especially the reptilian bit where all our basic instincts are generated. And there are few things more primal and more likely to tweak that brain stem than a good old-fashioned death roar - something that has been missing from a lot of our lives.

No longer. Slipknot are angry, really angry, and like a wounded beast they roar and grunt and scream at you. Their guitars come over like an enraged swarm of African killer bees and the toms seem to echo the rapid beating of their cold, black hearts.

This is the real deal. Forget that contrived pretty boy 'nu-metal' stuff, this has its roots in pure, unadulterated rage, and it's singularly refreshing.

None of those good-looking jokers with cute singlets and designer tats poncing around in 'da hood' here, just madmen in masks and boiler suits working through a few issues.

Why skirt around a problem? Better, say Slipknot, to attack it head-on and maybe scare it into submission. Take Three Nil. This track takes most of the best elements of true metal - massive guitars, grinding bass, thundering drums - and mixes them up with some no-frills rhyming and a good deal of screaming to produce an absolute corker. Watch out you don't hit anyone while your roaring along with it.

This is the third release from the nine lads out of Iowa and is easily their best to date. They've refined their craft and delivered a full-on aural assault. An air-punching, red mist-inducing gem. Be afraid, be very afraid.