Enthusiasm counts as a key property in Centaline approach

PUBLISHED : Friday, 11 June, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 11 June, 2004, 12:00am

Salespeople are an essential part of the business - and success - of Centaline Property Agency, one of Hong Kong's leading real estate players.

A strong supporter of the prestigious Distinguished Salespersons Awards, with a long history of participation, Centaline has two winners this year - Kitty Y.L. Lau and Smith W.Y. Tang.

Ms Lau, a senior account manager with the firm's retail department in Kowloon, credits her success to strong communication skills and an enthusiastic attitude.

'It is not a short-term relationship with the client,' said Ms Lau, who last year generated more than $3 million from retail property sales, making her one of the top two earners for Centaline.

'You are looking for a long-term relationship, building up relations with the customer. Enthusiasm with the customer is also essential. It is these qualities that set you apart from the competition.'

Mr Tang, a senior account manager with the Tsing Yi Maritime Square Branch in the New Territories, said his interpersonal skills had set him apart from rivals.

He said taking care of detailed information (such as the location of shops and transport) for customers was an important factor in his daily work schedule.

'My interpersonal skills are better,' Mr Tang said. 'We have three teams of salespeople, so the competition with other teams is high.'

Alex Tang, Centaline associate director (licensing and practice), said the DSA competition gave Ms Lau and Smith Tang an opportunity to learn from other professions.

'The award reinforces the motivation of our top sales colleagues,' Alex Tang said.

'It is a kind of investment for the company, which sees it as an acknowledgement of its achievement and motivation.

'Some of the sales directors at Centaline are previous DSA winners, so Ms Lau and Mr Tang are doing very well and helping the company out.'

Smith Tang said winning a DSA award was a career milestone. He said it also came as a surprise for someone who was based in the New Territories.

'The DSA winners seldom come from the New Territories,' he said. 'The winner normally comes from selling luxury residences or maybe shops. Getting the award has lifted my confidence.

'Through the DSA competition, I became acquainted with other salespeople in other fields. So I am not as limited or narrow in the estate agent field. My horizons have widened.

'Winning this award gives me the courage to try a number of things in order to succeed. But win or lose, my work will continue to be good regardless.'