Summer challenge

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 03 July, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 03 July, 2004, 12:00am

Francis Li; Age: 17 Challenge: Rock climbing

'For the majority of schools in Hong Kong, summer holiday is still two weeks away and due to the fact that sports climbing is rather an uncommon sport, schedules of related courses have yet to be released.

'However, I have already registered for a level one sports climbing course offered by the Hong Kong Mountaineering Centre on July 2-3. Throughout the past week, I have spent time researching the different indoor walls, natural climbs and boulder caves in Hong Kong, so that I can arrange a practice schedule later in the summer. To gain endurance and strength, I have already started jogging periodically and am practicing pull-ups on fingerboards.

Gigi Lam; Age: 15 Challenge: Write songs/learn saxophone

'Hurray! Exams are over and the summer holiday is coming. Will you be working this summer or will you be sleeping all day? I will do something constructive this year. I have been thinking about how I should make full use of each day. A meaningful day to me should at least encompass one of the following elements: making money, learning something new or staying happy.

'I decided to learn something new this summer. I will learn to play the saxophone.

'My first lesson starts tomorrow. However I, don't have a saxophone because it's too expensive. My tutor promised that I would have one during the lesson, but I won't be able to take it home. So I don't know how I can practise. I will update you on how I will solve the problem next week.

'Next month, I will be participating in a musical. I am responsible for composing the songs with my friends. I will tell you more about the show in the coming weeks.'

Carey Lee; Age: 19 Challenge: Voluntary work

'I had an interview at the Hok Yau Club to see if I could be a volunteer. The club leaders asked me how I would operate a training course for youths. I presented many ideas and also asked many questions. The leaders then told me about the activities that they would be organising this summer.

'I hope I pass the interview. Being a club volunteer will give me valuable experience in planning, managing and helping people in different kinds of activities.'

While awaiting the club's decision, Carey kept busy with another volunteer job. 'The girls' basketball team of Chu Yan Primary School had a game in Tsing Yi last week. As their assistant coach, I was happy with their performance even though they didn't win.

'I also took part in a youth discussion on how to be a good volunteer and made a new friend - So-yee, a student from the United States.'

Carmen Kong; Age: 16 Challenge: Learn Spanish

Trilingual Carmen has great enthusiasm for learning a new language, but still has yet to complete the first big step: finding someone to teach it to her.

'What will I have in common with Real Madrid star Raul Gonzales and Princess Letizia of Spain in three months' time? We'll all speak Spanish!' said Carmen.

'Well, I hope I can speak or understand some Spanish by the end of this summer. But I need to find a good teacher. I have yet to sign up for any Spanish courses,' she said.

Help for her search, however, is close at hand.

'My NET teacher at school is willing to help me. She will check with some of her friends who speak Spanish.'

Carmen's talent for languages will come in handy, as the first week in the challenge comes to an end.

'Maybe I can tell you more next week!' she said.