Sink the NBA post-season blues

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 17 July, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 17 July, 2004, 12:00am

Basketball fans may be feeling a little bored these days. The massive NBA is in its off-season, and once Indiana Pacers star centre Jermaine O'Neal leaves town after his one-day visit tomorrow, you may feel next season's tip-off is a lifetime away. So to keep you going until then, you might want to check out these websites devoted to the game.

Most basketball aficionados have probably already visited the official website of the world's biggest basketball league. It contains all the information you could possibly need about what's happening in the sport - the latest news, details on the teams and players, as well as all the historical highlights of the league's history. You can even watch archive videos of the legend Michael Jordan.

There are both English and Chinese versions of this official website of the 2.2 metre-tall star centre, Yao Ming. The design of the website is pretty cool.

You can find plenty of information on the 23-year-old star, from his profile to game-by-game statistics for his last few seasons with the Houston Rockets.

Did you know that Yao posted the highest field goal percentage in NBA history over a six-game stretch? He made 31 of his 35 shot attempts. That's an accuracy of 88.6 per cent!

There is even a detailed analysis of every NBA game in which he has played. Yao also drops in every once in a while, communicating with his fans through the message board and his diary.

In the multimedia area there are pictures of him on and off the court, as well as pictures, comics and wallpaper to download. If you register as a member, you can also watch videos of the star.

This is the official website of the rising NBA star Lebron James. Visitors can find the history and statistics of the star guard. The latest news on the Cleveland Cavaliers player is posted regularly on the site. By registering as a member of the site's VIP Club, you gain access to the fans forum and play games, such as three-point shoot-out.

This is a website set up by a London streetball player. It is focused on a group of streetball players in the southwest of London. There are a number of cool videos featuring some stunning moves from British streetball players.