Missing the truth

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 22 July, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 22 July, 2004, 12:00am

Last week we heard how Alex told Jordan lies and convinced her that he did not have a role in the school play and that he had not stayed out late with Candy and Jasmine. Jordan then took Alex to a restaurant at Festival Walk.

In tonight's episode of Toy Boy, the story picks up after the dinner. Alex and Jordan go into a clothes shop and Alex sees an Italian jacket that he really likes - will Jordan buy it for him?

You can listen to Toy Boy on RTHK Radio 4's Songbirds, tonight at 9.30pm (FM 97.6). Below is the first part of the episode for you to read before or while listening to the drama.

(SFX: Classroom)

Roger: Hi Kim.

Kim: Hi Roger.

Roger: Jordan?

Jordan: Hello.

Roger: Did you know Jasmine and Candy were holding auditions for the school play last night?

Kim: No, but what about it?

Roger: Jasmine gave Alex the lead role ... he's in the school play.

Jordan: That can't be true. Alex doesn't have time, he's in the basketball team.

Roger: It's true. Candy's happy because she gets to kiss him.

Jordan: I wonder if the headmistress knows that the school play has got 'kissing' in it.

Roger: You know Alex wanted to rehearse kissing Candy last night.

Jordan: What?

Roger: When he got to the kissing scene, he wanted to go ahead and do it.

Jordan: That's, that's ... outrageous!

Roger: After Jasmine had given Alex the part, she took him off to a bar. They stayed there till two o'clock.

Jordan: That's ... disgusting!

Kim: Hey Jordan, why are you getting so worked up? You've gone all red ... are you all right?

(SFX: Street)

Alex: Jordan ... hey Jordan, slow down. Jordan what's wrong?

Jordan: Last night you were in a bar in Tsim Sha Tsui with Jasmine and Candy!

Alex: I wasn't, that's a lie. I was at home doing my homework.

Jordan: And you've been given the lead role in Jasmine's stupid play and you have to kiss Candy and, and, and I never want to see you again! Wait. Where are you going?

Alex: If you believe all those lies then it's no good ... we can't go on ... we'd best split up.

Jordan: But how do I know they're lies?

Alex: Look at me Jordan ... look deep into my eyes ... Now can you see any lies there? Can you?

Jordan: Oh Alex. I'm so sorry.

Alex: It's a bit late for 'sorry' Jordan.

Jordan: What can I do to make it up to you?

Alex: Never again believe any stories you hear against me.

Jordan: Let me take you to that Italian restaurant where we first fell in love.

Alex: I'm not sure.

Jordan: And then we could go shopping, maybe pop into Brookes Brothers and see if they've got any new stock in.

Alex: Okay ... but not Brookes Brothers ... this time I want to go to Valentinos.

Jordan: Okay. Thank you Alex, thank you so much.

Alex: Mmm ... that steak was delicious.

Jordan: Have you had enough?

Alex: Yes. I'm full.

Jordan: I'll get the bill ... Waiter ... bill please.

Waiter: Yes, Miss.

Jordan: How do you feel?

Alex: Better, much better except...

Jordan: Except what Alex?

Alex: I wish you'd tell me who told you all those lies about me.

Jordan: What does it matter Alex? It was just someone creating trouble, that's all.

Alex: Well if someone creates trouble for me, I want to create trouble for them.

Jordan: Forget it Alex ... that's all in the past ... I was stupid to believe him ...

Alex: Ah! So it was a him!

Jordan: It doesn't matter, Alex.

Alex: It wasn't Ringo, was it?

Jordan: Of course not ... Ringo is your friend!

Waiter: The bill, Miss.

Jordan: Thank you ... Here.

Waiter: Thank you, Miss.

Alex: Look at you.

Jordan: What? What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?

Alex: Because ... you're so beautiful Jordan.

Jordan: I'm not. I wish I were.

Alex: Don't say that Jordan ... you have the most beautiful eyes ... and hair ... and skin ... and mouth. I could lean over and kiss you right now.

Jordan: Not here Alex, please ... someone might be watching.

Alex: Later then ... Okay? Well?

Jordan: Okay.

Alex: So, shall we go shopping?

Jordan: Okay.

Now listen to the rest of Toy Boy and answer the following questions:

1. Alex wants Jordan to buy him a jacket. How much does the jacket cost?

a) $5,340

b) $4,540

c) $1,640

d) $740

2. How many boys has Jordan kissed before Alex?

a) two

b) five

c) eight

d) eleven

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Answers: 1a, 2a