Summer challenge

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 24 July, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 24 July, 2004, 12:00am

Four Young Post readers have challenged themselves to make the most

of their summers. We will monitor their progress every Saturday for

10 weeks. Jessie Hui follows them through the summer.


Francis Li, 17. Challenge: Rock climbing

On Tuesday evening I went climbing with my new 'climb-mates', Stefanie and her gang, on the wall at the Shep Kip Mei Games Hall.

Instead of climbing our old routes we tried some more challenging ones, but I failed to make it to the top. At the end my coach said: 'Anyone with enough strength can reach the top, but a pro knows how to climb smart - with ease - and how to enjoy the climbing process.'

On Thursday the weather was beautiful so I started off with one lap round the Red Hill Peninsula, then jogged from my school straight down to Stanley and tanned on the beach for half an hour. After a short dip in the water I headed back to the school's weight room and worked out for another half an hour.

Gigi Lam, 15. Challenge: Write songs/learn the saxophone

This week I learnt The Swan from Carnival of the Animals, which is a slow piece. I found it difficult to play, so I practised more.

Regarding the joint-school musical, the front-stage cast have started rehearsing, which means we, the music composers, need to hurry up and finish the songs for them to practise dancing to. Last Sunday we did the arrangements in a music room and recorded the vocals for the actors and actresses on a demo tape. We were hoping to finish six songs in the session, but we didn't make it. I am responsible for the lyrics, which I find very difficult as I cannot change the melody.

But I am sure that it will be a fantastic performance. I will give you more details in the coming weeks.

Carey Lee, 19. Challenge: Voluntary Work

This week I did some research on how to communicate with the elderly. I also delivered milk powder and cleaned the homes of some old people who live alone.

My teammates and I wasted a lot of time finding the right flats in the housing estates, and then some of the people were not home.

Some of the flats we visited needed a lot of cleaning, as the occupants are too weak to keep things in order. We were all exhausted afterwards.

Our voluntary group had a sharing session this week. It was amazing to hear that every one of us got great satisfaction out of doing voluntary work. It is something more important than money. I now realise that it's easy to be happy - just lend a helping hand to others.

Carmen Kong, 16. Challenge: Learn Spanish

Hola! The past week has been full of obstacles.

The Spanish course I was going to sign up for was full, so I had to look for other courses. However, because I have to attend summer school at Hong Kong International School, I cannot attend any of them.

On top of this I was supposed to meet John again last Friday for another lesson, but thanks to the typhoon it was cancelled. Fortunately he won't be leaving Hong Kong until August.

But I haven't been at all lazy - I already know how to introduce myself in Spanish.

Anyway, I would like to thank my parents and my friends for their help and endless support through the hard times! Hasta luego!