Students to grade education standards

PUBLISHED : Monday, 04 October, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 04 October, 1993, 12:00am

STUDENTS are set to deliver their verdict on education standards in Hong Kong, as part of a government initiative to see what improvements are needed.

Pupils in some of the territory's schools have been asked to give pass or fail marks on all aspects of the system, as part of a scheme to get feedback from the people who are supposed to benefit most.

The Education and Manpower Branch hopes eventually to extend the survey to all schools.

''As a start, a number of volunteer schools will be asked to take part in a pilot programme of feedback surveys of school leavers in the 1993/94 school year,'' a spokesman said.

''We plan to encourage all schools to start conducting such surveys in the following years.'' A revised bilingual booklet, School Education in Hong Kong: A Statement of Aims, has been published by the branch. It is intended to provide everyone in school education with a framework for planning, conducting and evaluating their work.

The branch also hopes it will give parents, students and employers a clear idea of what schools are trying to achieve.

''The booklet is a revision of the draft statement of aims issued by the Education Commission for public consultation in October 1992,'' the spokesman said.

''During consultation the commission received comments from a wide range of education bodies, community interest groups and individuals.

''Most welcomed the draft statement and broadly agreed with the approach and contents.'' He said the document was revised after people demanded more details on monitoring and evaluation procedures.