ESC Sequences

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 August, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 August, 2004, 12:00am

From counting Bill Gates' bills to doing yoga with your cat, we have something to distract just about everybody.

Ever wonder how many words you can spell with the letters in your name?

Counting Bill's bills

A favourite subject of people in Hong Kong and China and many others is how much money Bill Gates has. Most of us would think that US$30 billion would buy the extended family a few meals at the nearest dai pai dong. Well, there are other ways of measuring Bill's bills. If you used $1 greenbacks and laid two of them down on the ground per second, it would take you 483.14 years to put all of his money in a neat little row. http://evan.quuxuum. org/bgnw.html

Mock 'n' roll

The folks at the Richmond Organisation have no sense of humour. The owner of publishing rights to Woody Guthrie's music said an animation mocking George W. Bush and John Kerry is an infringement of the organisation's rights. The song is This Land is Your Land. Thankfully, the JibJab animation, This Land, is still on the Web. It is fun and takes the mickey out of Mr Bush and Mr Kerry. The original site is but there a larger image at afassets/flash/this_land.swf

Taking the peace

More fun-poking at American politics, but this time from the gang that brought you South Park, can be found at www.teamamericamovie.

com/. The idea that world peace is 'hanging by a thread' has a rather special meaning.

Word of fun

Anagrams anyone? This is a fun site for those who like words. You can enter something such as your name or anything else and see how many anagrams pop up. It even has an advanced section where you can limit or narrow what is created.

Purr-fect yoga

Do you love cats? Do you practise yoga? This is the site for you. Yoga-Kitty is for purr-fect yoga (that is the blurb on the site). This falls into the odd category, but one never really knows. I wonder if this deserves a call to the SPCA ...