War and Beauty

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 August, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 30 August, 2004, 12:00am

War and Beauty is a drama on TVB Jade running Monday through Friday at 9.35pm. Every Monday, we will publish the synopses of the week's episodes.

Episode 6 (August 30)

Yu presents a silk fan to each palace beauty but gives Ki special gifts, which makes Ning jealous. Ning sets Ki up to swap Shun and Ying's medications to prevent them from recovering. Ki gets arrested and Shun feels sorry for her.

Yeung hints to Shun that he knows about her tricks and persuades her to stop playing games.

Episode 7 (August 31)

Song is furious when he discovers that Mo has used his money to bribe official Cho Chun-nam for a post.

Yeung receives expensive gifts from Ying but Wah suggests that he return them to avoid gossip. Shun learns from Yeung that Ki has died in exile and bursts into tears. Suffering from hallucinations, Ning suspects that the incense burner which Ying gave her is the source of her troubles. She reprimands Ying.

Episode 8 (September 1)

Yu accuses Ying of using the wrong fan and not showing respect. Ying cries and Yu immediately comforts her, but with a secret agenda in mind.

Nam accuses Mo of stealing imperial property - a silk handkerchief - which Mo has found in a pile of old clothes. He beats up Mo and Song.

Luckily, Wah passes by and stops Nam. A fire breaks out in the palace and Mo manages to save some valuable items.

As a reward for his bravery, he is given an imperial post. But he becomes arrogant in front of


Episode 9 (September 2)

Yeung discovers that Shun has been secretly meeting with her adopted father Tin and advises her to stop, but she ignores him.

Yeung visits concubine Fok, who was brought into the palace by Tin years ago but has been neglected

by the emperor ever since she became ill. Sin is finding it difficult to raise money to help her sick grandmother.

Mo buys silk handkerchiefs that Sin smuggles out of the palace.

He suspects that she was the one who left the handkerchief in the

pile of clothes in the earlier


Episode 10 (September 3)

Yu wants to find out who drove Ning insane. Aware that Yu is suspicious of Ning's madness, Tin kills Ning.

Yu uses Sin to spread a rumour in order to track down spies who are working for Tin.

But Yu later discovers that Sin has been protecting Tin's spies and orders Sin to marry eunuch Ngok Law-li. Sin is speechless.

THE CAST Hung Mo (Moses Chan Ho): soldier; Sun Pak-yeung (Bowie Lam Bo-yee): imperial doctor; Yuk-ying (Gigi Lai): a nobleman's daughter; Yee-shun (Charmaine She): daughter of the eunuch in charge of internal affairs; An-sin (Maggie Cheung Ho-yee): most favoured imperial maid; Yu (Sheren Tang): imperial concubine ; Tin (Lo Hoi-pang): eunuch in charge of internal affairs