A maid far from home

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 04 September, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 04 September, 2004, 12:00am

Read about Rosa. Each line has an error, a missing word or an extra word. Try to correct the mistakes. Have you seen anyone like Rosa?

1. If you want to see Rosa, we suggest you to go

2. to Victoria Park on the Sundays, where she will be

3. picnicking with a group of friend from her home

4. town in Philippines. You will usually find her smiling

5. and chatting happily - after the all, it is her day off and

6. she wants to enjoy - but sometimes her smiles

7. hide her true feelings. She feels very fortunately

8. to be in Hong Kong. As a result her wages here

9. she can give her children a lot of things those

10. many other Filipino children have to do without it.

11. She is also lucky that she works a nice, caring

12. family. She hears some of frightening stories about

13. employers who hit their maids, demand for

14. unreasonable amounts of work, refuse to paying

15. the agreed salary and starvation their employees.

16. There are also occasionally unpleasant cases of

17. sexual harassment. But Rosa does not suffered in any

18. of these ways. Mr and Mrs Ma are the good-hearted.

19. They both go out to the work and Rosa has plenty

20. to do taking care to Mr Ma's old mother and

21. the couple's four-years old, Toby; but she accepts

22. that that is her jobs. Toby is a cute, friendly little

23. boy whom she is very fond of, but does at times

24. sadden her that she spends more with Toby

25. than with her own youngest, Jose. She misses out

26. her home, family and friends. She had been in Hong Kong

27. for five years and almost feel a stranger now when she

28. goes to home - well, certainly for the first few days. Her

29. room in the Mas' flat is extremely small - more is like

30. a cupboard. Although this upsets her for sometimes,

31. but she knows it is part of Hong Kong life and

32. many maids don't get even much space as

33. she does. Many people have worser lives than hers

34. and she does not complaint, but that doesn't take

35. away the painful of being apart from loved ones.

36. Her daily routine start at 6 when she prepares

37. breakfast. She has to helping the old lady get dressed

38. and wash up, do the cleaning and the shopping

39. and take Toby to and from kindergarten. There the

40. laundry to do, meals to cook and the old lady's to walk.

41. Still, activity makes time passed quickly and soon the

42. day has over, and Mrs Ma takes over and Rosa can

43. have a short rest before going to the bed and

44. dreaming her family benefiting from her efforts.


1. delete to - suggest you go - no to-infinitive after suggest 2. delete the - not used with days of the week 3. friends - plural 4. the Philippines - article needed for this name 5. after all - fixed phrase 6. enjoy it/herself - enjoy needs an object 7. fortunate - adjective 8. result of - preposition needed 9. delete those, or change those to that (relative clause) 10. delete it - do without 11. works for - needs a preposition 12. delete of 13. delete for - preposition not needed with verb demand 14. refuse to pay - infinitive 15. starve - verb 16. occasional - they are always unpleasant 17. suffer - present 18. delete the - adjective 19. delete the - go out to work - fixed phrase 20. taking care of - correct preposition 21. four-year-old 22. job - singular 23. it does - subject needed 24. more time - sense 25. delete out - miss out = omit 26. has been - present perfect 27. feels - she feels, agreement 28. goes home - no preposition needed 29. more like - understood it is 30. delete for - sometimes is an adverb 31. delete but - not used with although 32. as much space as - as much as 33. worse - no such word as worser 34. complain - verb 35. the pain - noun [or add feeling, painful feeling] 36. starts - routine, agreement 37. has to help - infinitive 38. delete up - wash up is for dishes 39. There's/is - verb needed 40. delete to - the old lady's walk - noun phrase 41. makes time pass - present tense 42. is over - verb to be 43. go to bed - fixed phrase 44. dreaming of - preposition needed