War and Beauty

PUBLISHED : Monday, 06 September, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 06 September, 2004, 12:00am

War and Beauty is a drama on TVB Jade running from Monday to Friday at 9.35pm. Every Monday, we will publish the synopses of the week's episodes.

Episode 11 (September 6)

Ngok is upset when he sees Luk and Sin together and gives Sin a lecture. Sin can no longer tolerate Ngok and tries to leave the palace, but is stopped by Mo.

While trying to retrieve a lost kite, Shun meets Fok and the two become close friends.

Yeung suspects that Shun and Fok are sisters and asks Chun for confirmation. Chun says that it would be unwise to seek the truth.

Fok asks Yeung to send Shun some fragrant pouches to relieve Shun's asthma. Shun mistakenly thinks they are from Yeung.

Episode 12 (September 7, 10.05pm)

With the Ghost Festival approaching, the rumour that the angry ghost of concubine Chan is going to seek revenge has made everyone fearful.

The empress suggests that Yu call off the marriage arranged for Sin, but Yu is determined to go ahead.

Mo arranges for Sin to escape from the palace, but Sin rejects the idea for fear of incriminating him.

The bodies of Ngok and Nam (Ngok's nephew) are discovered. Yu asks Sin to name the spy.

Episode 13 (September 8)

The empress steps in as the deaths of Ngok and Nam are being investigated. Sin claims sole responsibility for their deaths and is taken away. Fortunately, she only gets a light punishment.

Ying tries to please Yu and win her trust. Yu, in return, hints that she will arrange for Ying to spend time with the emperor.

However, Yu is angered by the possibility that Ying is a spy. Ying defends herself by saying that Shun lured her into a trap, but Yu does not believe her.

Episode 14 (September 9)

Yeung fears Ying might further offend Yu and tells Yu that Ying has a contagious disease.

Yu is shocked when the emperor leaves the palace in the middle of the night.

She realises that the emperor has lost interest in her and wants to find someone she trusts to get close to the emperor again. She picks Shun.

Ying begs Yu for her trust, but is asked to slit her face to show her loyalty.

Episode 15 (September 10)

Ying asks Sin to deliver a letter to her mother. Sim finds out and tries to trick Mo into handing over the letter. The two get into a fierce argument.

Sim is suddenly bitten by a poisonous bug. Mo sucks out the venom and carries her on his back to see the doctor.

Sim is moved by Mo's caring attitude. Ying loses her temper after learning that Sin failed to deliver her letter.