War and Beauty

PUBLISHED : Monday, 20 September, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 20 September, 2004, 12:00am

War and Beauty is a drama on TVB Jade running from Monday to Friday at 9.35pm. Every Monday, we will publish the synopses of the week's episodes.

Episode 20 (September 20)

Shun tries to trick the emperor into believing that Ying's fate clashes with his. Sin knows about Shun's intentions and helps Ying win the emperor's favour.

The emperor summons Ying to prepare his bed, but Shun makes sure that the emperor is not there when Ying turns up. Ying is upset and Yeung comforts her.

Yeung reviews the emperor's medical records and suspects that Tin has been secretly administering drugs to the emperor.

Episode 21 (September 21)

Ying finally wins the emperor's heart and bursts into joyful tears in Sin's arms. Mo is happy because Sin is willing to be with him.

But Sin learns the truth behind her grandmother's death: the empress arranged to have her killed. Sin wants to focus on revenge so she rejects Mo's love.

Ying is conferred as a royal beauty.

Episode 22 (September 22)

Upon meeting, the empress and Yu start quarrelling. The empress slits the face of Yu's daughter to make Yu obey her. Yu has no choice but to stay in the hall to write scriptures for the empress. Mo feels sorry for Yu. Sin tries to kill the empress, but is stopped by a eunuch. She gives Yu a present, hoping that Yu would tell her what the emperor likes.

Shun and Ying are playing a game of chess with the emperor when Sin interrupts to serve wine. Sin wears a strong perfume to attract the emperor's attention.

Episode 23 (September 23)

Sin has Ying sent away. She then impersonates Ying in order to see the emperor. The emperor is furious, but Sin wins his heart with her eloquence and wisdom. Sin is named as a royal beauty.

Ying asks Yeung to draw a portrait of the emperor and her and Yeung refuses.

Episode 24 (September 24)

Sin and Ying want to prove that Shun is unfaithful. Yeung, accused of committing adultery with a concubine, is arrested. Shun is shocked to learn of Yeung's alleged affair. Worried that Yeung might disclose her involvement in the arrest, Ying attempts to have him killed. Although Yeung knows of Ying's plan, he does not put up any resistance because he loves her.


Mo (Moses Chan Ho): court servant; Yeung (Bowie Lam Bo-yee): imperial doctor; Tin (Lo Hoi-pang): eunuch; Shun (Charmaine Sheh See-man): Tin's daughter; Ying (Gigi Lai Chi): a nobleman's daughter; Sin (Maggie Cheung Ho-hee): imperial maid; Yu (Sheren Tang Shui-man): imperial concubine