Globetrotter keeps mum informed

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 21 September, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 21 September, 2004, 12:00am

Ah Chiu travels a lot and he always telephones his mother from interesting places. Match the cities with the calls. There are some clues in each of the calls.

London / Beijing / Shanghai / Tokyo / Sydney / Rome / Hiroshima / Manchester / Paris / Washington / Bangkok / Singapore / Honolulu/ Cairo / Athens / Moscow

1. I am actually standing in the Colosseum, where gladiators used to fight and people were thrown to the lions. Next, we are going for a spaghetti lunch.

2. Hi, I am lying on the beach. Don't worry, I have plenty of sun-cream on. I will be taking a boat over to see one of the volcanoes later. This is a fabulous place!

3. I am outside the Imperial Palace. You can't see much actually. The sushi is absolutely mouth-watering and I have been looking at the shops in Ginza - really good but quite pricey. What shall I buy you?

4. I can't believe I am here - though it is terribly cold with snow everywhere. The Kremlin is an amazing building, but I don't think I want to see Lenin's body. Shall I buy you some caviar?

5. Can you hear the chimes of the Big Ben? I am standing in the square just below. Earlier, I was in Westminster Abbey - there are so many famous people buried there - but it was really crowded with tourists. The Tube is convenient, but it isn't as good as the MTR.

6. I am in a ferry crossing the harbour. Of course, the seasons are different here and it's a nice summer's day. The Opera House looks like a great big bird about to fly off. I think I will go to see one of the famous beaches. I might even try some surfing. No, I won't call you from the waves!

7. I am feeling rather serious this morning. It is terrible to think of the damage nuclear weapons did here - and modern bombs are far more powerful than this one. The museum really makes you feel sad.

8. Sweat is running down my face as I call - yes, the weather is like a hot day in Hong Kong. I have been very careful about food - some of it is so hot - they just pile on the chillies. The Grand Palace is like a fairy story with lots of gold everywhere. I think I will go back to the hotel in a tuk tuk and have a

swim next.

9. Hello, can you hear me? I am standing by an enormous mosque. The city is so busy - and there are so many people. Yes, I saw the pyramids yesterday and I am due to go on the Nile in a couple of hours. I have taken hundreds of pictures to show you all.

10. I am just back from Tiananmen Square. Our next stop will be a famous teahouse, where we hope to have our lunch. It's very crowded wherever we go, but the food is really something - I think I am putting on weight here!

11. I am sitting in a lovely street cafe having a wonderful cup of coffee and my feet are killing me. I spent hours in the Louvre - there's so much to see and so many famous paintings. I am sorry but I couldn't take the Mona Lisa off the wall for you.

12. It's your favourite traveller here, calling from the Bund. I went to those shops you told me about on Nanjing Road, and, yes, they are perfect. The Yu Gardens Bazaar is my next stop. Of course, the dumplings are heavenly!

13. I am calling from near the huge town hall. Of course, the city was one of the great manufacturing and trading centres of the Industrial Revolution and there are lots of large Victorian buildings, but nowadays it's most famous for football - certainly that's why I've come. I am off to see United's ground in a few minutes.

14. I am sitting on the Acropolis with a lovely, blue Mediterranean sky overhead. Our guide has been telling us about democracy, Plato and Aristotle, all sorts of interesting things. I am learning a lot here.

15. I am feeling rather small sitting at the feet of President Abraham Lincoln. Congress certainly has an impressive home. The streets are wide and there are monuments all around.

16. Hello, I am taking shelter from a sudden tropical downpour, but I am told they go away quickly. The streets, as expected, are very clean - I had my photo taken by the Merlion statue on the waterfront. I really feel at home here.

Answers: 1. Rome 2. Honolulu 3. Tokyo 4. Moscow 5. London 6. Sydney 7. Hiroshima 8. Bangkok 9. Cairo 10. Beijing 11. Paris 12. Shanghai 13. Manchester 14. Athens 15. Washington 16. Singapore