Not so over the moon about cake calories

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 September, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 27 September, 2004, 12:00am

If you're on a diet and celebrating the mid-autumn festival this week by tucking into a moon cake, have your pedometer at the ready: it's going to take you 2.4 hours - or 16,000 steps - to work off the calories.

That's according to the maths of Canadian-based doctor and pedometer expert Martin Collis, who's drawn up a table of how many calories certain foods contain and how long it takes to walk them off.

His calculations are based on someone weighing 81.5-90kg, who, he estimates, would burn about 500 calories with every 10,000 steps (or one calorie for every 20 steps). Each 5,000 steps takes about 45 minutes at a regular pace.

According to Collis' figures, a double-yolk, lotus-paste mooncake contains 800 calories - hence the 16,000 steps or 2.4-hour walk.

Burning the 280 calories in a regular Snickers bar requires 5,600 steps, which will take 48.5 minutes.

According to Collis, a Big Mac Meal, containing 1,470 calories, will take 29,400 steps - or five hours - to burn (taking into account that the average pace slows on a longer walk).

The 350 calories in a Grand 16oz Starbucks Latte will take 7,000 steps, or about an hour, to walk off.

And a 14-inch Domino's cheese pizza? Well, that contains 677 calories, which means 13,540 steps, or a good two-hour walk.