War and Beauty

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 September, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 27 September, 2004, 12:00am

War and Beauty continues into its final week on TVB Jade at 9.35pm (unless otherwise stated). On October 4, we will start a new drama called Split Second (same channel and time slot).

Episode 25 (September 27)

Mo blames himself for having caused Yu's snow blindness. Yu refuses to get treatment, so Mo seeks the emperor's help.

The empress is ordered to visit Yu. Yu still refuses to have treatment.

Mo explains to Yu that he has no bad intentions and is merely trying to help her.

Episode 26 (September 28)

Shun is pregnant. Everyone rushes to congratulate her.

Yeung has resumed official duty and is checking Shun's pulse.

Shun is hurt when she finds out that Yeung still likes Ying.

She asks Fok to help arrange a meeting for Yeung and Ying and withdraws from the love triangle.

Episode 27 (September 29)

Mo discovers that the princess is dead.

Yu refuses to accept the truth and pleads to the gods that she will give up some years of her life in exchange for her daughter's life.

She then tricks the emperor into believing that the princess had died in his arms so that he will remember the pain of losing his daughter.

Yu finally regains the emperor's love - and the status she used to enjoy.

Episode 28 (September 30)

The empress discovers that Luk and Sin have a plot against her. Despite that, Luk decides to turn himself in and face punishment.

A devastated Sin rushes to see Luk for the last time.

Mo reads Luk's letter and learns about Sin's quest for revenge.

Sin blames herself for causing the deaths of the people around her.

Mo comforts her and asks Yu to save Sin's life. Yu agrees to help.

Episode 29 (October 1, 10.05 pm)

The empress tells the emperor about all the misdeeds of the concubines when he has to cope with a riot staged by the Heavenly Rule cult.

The emperor does not want to listen to the empress' one-sided stories and sends her away.

Yeung decides to leave the capital with his parents when the rebels break into the palace.

Episode 30 (October 2, 9.05pm)

Mo, Yeung and Shun run for their lives from the rebels.

Yu knows she won't be able to adjust to life outside the palace and insists that Mo take Sin away. Shun almost gets killed but is saved by Sin. Mo takes the two away, but ...


Mo (Moses Chan Ho): imperial guard; Yu (Sheren Tang Shui-man); Shun (Charmaine Sheh See-man); Ying (Gigi Lai Chi); Fok (Jade Leung Jang) and Sin (Maggie Cheung Ho-hee): imperial concubines; Yeung (Bowie Lam Bo-yee): imperial doctor; Luk (Wong Tak-bun): eunuch