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Tears show how much teachers care

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 September, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 September, 2004, 12:00am

Christine Yam graduated from the University of Hong Kong last summer. She is now teaching English at a secondary school in Kowloon. If you would like to chat with her she can be reached at ICQ: 238968387

I told myself not to shed a tear before the day I started teaching. At first I thought I wouldn't cry, for I am a person who does not cry no matter how harsh the situation is.

However, disappointments and the pressure of teaching have put me in tears.

Apart from sobbing over sad movies, it was the first time I have cried in years.

I hope it will be the last time that my floodgates burst open over teaching.

I believe that thousands of teachers have been sad and discouraged and have cried at least once in their career.

It could be their students' under-achievements or misbehaviour which made them cry.

Let us salute all the teachers who have shed tears. Only responsible and caring teachers cry.

And congratulations to those students' whose teachers have cried for them.

That means the teacher loves them and has certain expectations of them.

A few days ago when I was talking to some teachers, I couldn't help but burst into tears.

I surrender now ... I have to admit that I am helpless in motivating some of the students.

No matter how hard I work, I cannot help my students improve their English.

No matter how I try to make the lessons more interesting, lively and practical, they all turn out to be boring.

My students are quiet like Sleeping Beauty, or else they behave like beasts roaring in the jungle.

Come on, how old are you guys? You should be old enough to control yourselves. Do you need me to constantly remind you that you are no longer in kindergarten?

'Stop talking', 'stop running around', 'stop snoring', stop, stop, stop.

Besides being exhausted and feeling helpless, I am feeling angry and bitter.

Think about it. If teachers didn't have expectations of you, teaching would be a much easier task.

Why do we have to complicate things? It is because we care. We see the hidden potential in all of you and want to help you develop that potential.


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