Queen Elizabeth students display enthusiasm

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 October, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 12 October, 1993, 12:00am

WEST House once more displayed their power in the pool by winning their third consecutive overall championship at the 28th swimming gala of Queen Elizabeth School, held recently at Lai Chi Kok Park Swimming Pool.

''It is most encouraging to see that the number of participants has increased this year, but unfortunately a thunderstorm warning and inclement weather forced the heats to be scrapped,'' commented Principal Mr Chan Ping-tat.

On the final day, competition was extremely keen as all the competitors had only one chance to clock the best time in each heat.

''We have only one day for all the heats. The swimmers with the fastest time in each event is declared the winner'', explained Ms Leung Fung-ying, P.E. teacher of the school.

West House's remarkable success was due to the keen participation and consistent performance of their swimmers. They showed their class particularly in the relay events, taking the inter-house 4x50 m freestyle relay (open) in both the boys' and girls' sections in 2 min 47 sec and 3 min 20 sec, respectively.

In the Grade C section the most outstanding performer, chau Suet-ming, set two new records, taking the gold in the 50 m freestyle and 100 m breast-stroke in respective record times of 36 sec and 1 min 44 sec.

It was also a glorious day for the senior students as they walked away with the major prizes.

Seventh-former Siu Yau-lung or East House came first in 50 m freestyle and 100 m and 200 m breast stroke to win the Grade A individual title.

Another outstanding seventh-former Shek Mei-chi retained her Grade A individual title, bagging the gold in the 50 m and 100 m breast stroke and the silver in the 200 m.

Both Yau-lung and Mei-chi revelled in ending their final year at Queen Elizabeth school on a high note.

The final event, the boys' 4x50 m freestyle invitation relay, drew thunderous applause from the students as the eight teams battled from start to finish for the trophy.

Kowloon Technical School clocked 1 min 58.3 sec to take the gold in convincing style, ahead of Munsang College and Kwun Tong Government Secondary School. Heep Yunn School beat Munsang College to capture the girls' title in a winning time of 2 min 11 sec.

Other Results: Inter-class 4x50 m relay Form 6 and 7: 1. 7B; 2. 6B; 3. 6A.

Form 5: 1. 5D; 2. 5A; 3. 5C.

Form 4: 1. 4C; 2. 4A; 3. 4D.

Form 3: 1. 3B; 2. 3E; 3. 3C.

Form 2: 1. 2D; 2. 2E; 3. 2B.

4x50 m freestyle relay (open) Boys: 1. West; 2. East; 3. South.

Girls: 1. West; 2. North; 3. South.

4x50 m clubs relay 1. Cross Country; 2. 93 FA; 3. Life-saving.

Individual champions Boys' Grade A; Siu Yai-lung (East); Grade B: Wong Chi-hung (South); Grade C: Tang Pak-keung (West).

Girls' Grade A: Shek Mei-chi (North); Grade B: Chau Tak-yee (South); Grade C: Chau Suet-ming (North).

Best cheering team: West House Grade champions Boys' A: East; B: South; C: West.

Girls' A: North; B: South; C: North.

Mr Wan is an official of the Hong Kong Schools Sports Council