Achieve goals with a passion in life

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 14 November, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 14 November, 2004, 12:00am


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Isn't it great to see someone being passionate about something? I spent part of last weekend at the Cricket Sixes, where there is no better place to see people get excited over something they love.

If you ask people what they enjoy doing, some wouldn't be able to give you a straight answer. But it seems to be no contest for those who love their sports.

This makes sense because sport requires active participation and to keep a passion alive, you need to constantly feed it with energy. Too often, we fail to accomplish something because we lose our passion to succeed. If we don't keep pushing at it, we become deflated and lose interest.

If you sit around and wait for your luck to change, it won't happen. Luck will only come if you work at winning. When you succeed, you'll realise it wasn't luck at all, but simply the positive energy you created.

Years ago, I was in a group which started a project to train young people in video production skills. We hoped to produce a promo video to get more funding for the group.

Unfortunately, this started very badly. Half of the participants never turned up for sessions and those that did would leave early. So we set out to find new ways to tackle the problem. We arranged transport and took a copy of everyone's timetable and worked around them to fit in our sessions.

We also asked them what activities they enjoyed doing and mixed them in with our modules. Lastly, we tried to discover what it was that got us excited about this group and made this the central part of the production.

Word soon spread and attendance soared. Our newly discovered passion was driving this success.

So if you're looking to unlock the passion in projects you're having difficulty with, perhaps find a few people you know who have a passion for something.

Find out what it is that drives them and discover this passion within yourself.

David Simpson is an experienced youth counsellor and a regular SYP columnist