Hot Open Cloze items

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 01 December, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 01 December, 2004, 12:00am

The following exercise is meant to familiarise you with some of the often-tested items, particularly in general and Open Cloze (Paper 2).

1. If parents leave their children unattended at home, they will put them in _________.

2. Fire broke _______ last night, but it was soon brought _________ control.

3. Mr Yiu hopes that the items in this exercise will be similar ________ those in the Open Cloze of the forthcoming examination paper.

4. Youngsters should join extra-curricular activities to make _________ with other people.

5. For ______ information, please visit

6. Students should spend their ______ time more meaningfully by taking up healthy hobbies.

7. It is ______ to the teacher to decide which of his students can have the reference books for free.

8. The students of ABC College organised a fun fair to ______ money for a home for the aged.

9. I am ____________ to swimming in the morning. This habit mainly accounts for my good health.

10. On public holidays, people prefer to stay home ____________ of going out.

11. ___________ our disappointment, our school picnic was cancelled because of the bad weather.

12. The ticketing system is completely automated _________ that a large number of passengers can be easily handled.

13. Adventurous people like _______ risks. If they go too far, they ______the risk of losing their life.

14. As ________ as they witnessed the crime, they called ________ police.

15. _________ if you feel tired, you should not go to sleep.

16. Crash diets usually do more _______________ than good. Ladies are reminded not to pursue beauty at the expense of health.

17. This is a very demanding job. The staff here work in shifts and never have a day ____________.

18. Although our government has done a lot to upgrade the living conditions of Hong Kong people, there is still much ______________ for improvement.

19. It is ____________ doubt that conserving our natural environment is the greatest mission in the new millennium. The effort we have put in so far is _______________ from enough. Whether our future generations have a decent place to live in depends ___________ our determination in the matter.

20. The suitable candidate for the job must be polite and pleasant in appearance. ________ addition, the ability to speak both English and Putonghua fluently is a _______________.

21. I have not _______________ finished the project. In _______________ to meet the deadline, I work day and night without taking any rest.


1. danger/jeopardy (in danger = at risk)

2. out; under (fire/war/epidemic/ plague + break out)

3. to ('similar to' but 'the same as'/'like')

4. friends/contact (make friends with/make contact with/make the acquaintance of)

5. further/more/detailed

6. spare/free/leisure

7. up (up to somebody = at somebody's discretion)

8. raise/collect

9. used/accustomed (talking about a habit)

10. instead (to stay home rather than go out = to stay home instead of going out)

11. to

12. so (so that + purpose or reason: adverb clause of purpose or reason )

13. taking; run

14. soon; the (as soon as = shortly after)

15. Even

16. harm (do more harm than good = have more disadvantages than advantages)

17. off (a day off = holiday)

18. room/space

19. beyond; far; on (beyond doubt = most certain; far from enough = very insufficient)

20. In; must (in addition = besides; a must = essential)

21. yet; order