Carina Lau


PUBLISHED : Sunday, 17 October, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 17 October, 1993, 12:00am


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FROM producer Mabel Chiu (The Chiu Chow Brothers ) comes this mindlessly violent film about two woman detectives (Carina Lau and Teresa Mo, miscast and wasted in the title roles), hunted by four ruthless arms dealers and only able to strike back afteralmost everyone around them has been murdered.

May Law plays a police informer who ''hustles'' in bars to make a living.

Anxious to nail an arms smuggling syndicate, detective Lau ignores colleague Mo's advice and decides to use the innocent Law as bait.

Further complications ensue when Law and two of her friends are killed. And the killers even track down the cops at home and threaten them at gunpoint.

Put on hold for more than a year (it should have stayed on the shelf forever), Lady Super Cops is an unimaginative thriller in which the film-makers wring the last drops out of all the great cliches.

Armed to the teeth with high-powered weaponry, the four killers get the better of the police during a gun battle in busy Lan Kwai Fong then, after they have destroyed everything in sight, the four men turn their backs on the police and walk off without even being scratched.

Later, they attack our heroes' house in similarly explosive fashion, without managing to wake up the police.

The film's gratuitous violence comes to a nasty head when Eric Tsang (in a cameo role) manages to get his tongue skewered by an electric drill.

Dumb and unpleasant, it just about sums up Lady Super Cops.