Marathon effort shows Yannick's dedication

PUBLISHED : Monday, 06 December, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 06 December, 2004, 12:00am

Name: Yannick Wong

School: King George V School

Grade: Year 10

Sports: Ice/inline/field hockey

Achievements: Yannick played for Team Phoenix who won the Plate in last weekend's YMCA Hong Kong Inline Cup (for adults). At 15, he is the youngest member of the squad.

He was voted the MVP (Most Valuable Player) in last season's (September -July) Youth Inline Hockey League. He scored 92 goals in 14 games for the Phoenix youth team. At a recent 24-hour Hockeython, Yannick played more than 20 hours for charity.

In ice hockey, he represented Hong Kong at an international tournament in Kunming last January, and was voted MVP in Division Three of the Sunday Night Hockey League (for adults). He scored 21 goals in 15 games for his team, Sunday. He also played six games in Division Two for another team who finished first in the play-offs. At youth level, his Sunday team won the under-14 title. Yannick scored a hat-trick in the play-off final which his team won 5-2.

Last year Yannick was a student at Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School, the field hockey champions. He scored six goals in nine games.

Soundbite: 'I want to get better and one day play at a higher level in Canada. There is so much technique in ice and inline hockey, that's why I enjoy it. I hope more people will come and watch these sports and see how amazing they are.'

Interests: Plays the cello, violin

and piano.

From his coach: 'Yannick has a lot of potential and I am sure he will play in Division One [ice hockey] within the next two years. He could be a very good player,' said Frankie Choi of Typhoon Ice Hockey Club. 'But he still has a lot to learn. He needs to take the game more seriously. His speed, shooting and actions are too slow. He needs to skate more often and listen to his coaches. We can help him work on the details.'

Ambitions: Will focus on sports and consider being an ice hockey coach. He already coaches the children in the inline under-10 league on Saturday mornings.