Graduation marks a new beginning

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 09 December, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 09 December, 2004, 12:00am

Around this time last year, I was congratulating my friends who had just graduated.

At that time, I wondered how I would feel about attending my own graduation ceremony and posing for graduation photos the following year.

Finally, the time has come.

From the time I received my graduation gown to the moment I put it on for the graduation ceremony, I had to constantly ask myself if I was dreaming.

The feeling was quite unreal. I could not believe I was actually graduating. As I had always been a mediocre student in school, I had trouble believing that what I saw, heard and touched.

I was lucky enough to get an admission ticket to the congregation.

Apart from getting half a day off from my teaching job, what made me more excited was seeing thousands of graduates cheering for their faculty and for themselves.

It was a moment in which everybody was thrilled and overjoyed, for they had been working extremely hard.

However, graduation merely marks the beginning of a new life; there is even a much tougher life ahead.

Although most of the graduates I saw sitting in the Hong Kong Coliseum were still new to many of life's experiences, they will certainly have a bright and successful future if they keep up the hard work and set goals to achieve.

I especially those who have earned a doctoral degree.

They spent several years investigating and researching topics which concern the greater society and deserved to step onto the Coliseum's stage to receive the honour.

Although their achievements may be minor compared to those of seasoned scholars, their aptitude to investigate will certainly be a contribution to the world, or at least to a group of people, in the future.

Their thirst for knowledge is worth following.

People have different goals and missions so they have different paths to follow.

There is no job title or salary range which defines success.

To me, as long as we follow our heart and fulfil our social responsibilities, we are successful.

It does not matter that you performed poorly at school, as long as you have done your best.