A time-travelling tussle

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 26 December, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 26 December, 2004, 12:00am

We don't know what exactly the Justice Union is or what it does, but we know it is powerful and that it is out there fighting constantly in the name of Right. The agents of the Justice Union are as mysterious as the organisation they work for. They are shadowy figures who never ask too many questions about each other. They just get on with what they have to do, using both the force of the union and their own highly-honed skills to achieve what they have to achieve.

The ages-old Justice Union is now up against one of the most potentially dangerous threats it, and the world, has ever faced. There is tension and an air of uncertainty among the leaders of the union as plans are put into place to defeat an ultimate enemy who makes all their other enemies look like amateur criminals. This is the Big One. The union cannot afford to fail.

Recent top-secret intelligence has informed the Justice Union that Scaren, one of the most evil forces in the universe, has travelled back in time. The horrors of this knowledge are too vast to contemplate. Scaren's horrifying intention is to change the course of history and become all-powerful.

The Justice Union knows that Scaren and his army are now back in the Dark Ages and that the future is on the brink of disaster. And the Justice Union has made its choice about the agent who is going to be sent back to the Dark Ages to destroy the would-be perpetrator of worldwide horror.

Koba Vir is only 16 years old, but he is one of the top agents in the Justice Union with power and knowledge well beyond his years. And will Scaren's spies ever suspect a mere teenager of being an agent of destruction? This will be the most important mission Koba has ever undertaken, the very future of the world resting on his young shoulders.

Branton Li's The Four Phoenixes is a no-holds-barred fantasy adventure that hurtles along like a runaway train building up momentum as it gathers speed. There is never a wasted moment in The Four Phoenixes. It begins with a shadow, a dead man and a hooded figure and then the action comes thick and fast as the story widens out. This is a one track novel which keeps the excited reader focused on the plot and the action.

It is remarkable that the author of this whirlwind of a novel is only 11 years old, but author identity isn't an issue if a book is an attention-grabber. Master Li certainly knows how to build up an exciting fantasy plot if this is what you are after. Hold your breath and enjoy the ride.

The Four Phoenixes

By Branton Li

Published by Ketex Enterprise

ISBN 9 789889 798017

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