McEnroe took his guitar and left

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 October, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 October, 1993, 12:00am

WHAT a disappointment is John McEnroe - the erstwhile scourge of opponents and tennis umpires alike.

We spotted the designer-stubbled and ear-ringed tennis ace, who could turn a game just as quickly as he could a tantrum, at the gala dinner.

We were looking forward to the apres-meal entertainment for it was to have included guitar playing McEnroe and two buddies - brothers Luke and Murphy Jensen, who are the reigning French Open doubles champions - giving us a bit of heavy metal.

But come the time to go on stage, the temperamental McEnroe had already left, leaving the Jensens to struggle on without him.

We must say the Jensens were a hit with the waiters spread around the place, because the rockers did succeed in emptying the place slightly faster than had been anticipated, thereby ensuring the banqueting staff could knock off work a bit earlier.

Incidentally, we had the chance to see an outline of the evening's programme which was circulated among the organisers. It read: ''Impromptu performance by John McEnroe and the Jensen Brothers.'' Underneath that was typed: ''The Governor will leave at his pleasure.'' Obviously they'd heard that Patten's tastes don't stretch to heavy metal.