ESC Sequences

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 January, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 January, 2005, 12:00am

No joy for Bill Gates at the Consumer Electronics Show. Bloggers beware: your job may be on the line. The PDA for the technically challenged, and a memory stick that does it all.

Gag with Gates

Bill Gates and Conan O'Brien were quite an act at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Nothing the Microsoft chairman did seemed to work. This video is funny, but just imagine what it would have been like to see the follow up back at HQ?

Blog at your own discretion

Sun Microsystems has made a big deal out of blogging. Microsoft claims it supports it. Apple warns employees to be careful. This site lists companies that have fired employees for blogging. It is both interesting and disturbing.

get with the hipster

This link will take you to a special PDA: The Hipster PDA (Parietal Disgorgement Aid). Perhaps it should be called the Luddite PDA? This one does almost anything you want it to. Very convenient and flexible. Unfortunately, batteries are not included.

picture this

This is an idea whose time has come, if ever that expression meant anything. Who said all the truly great ideas were simple? This is a memory card that folds into a USB connector. Plug it into your camera, take some pics, then pop it straight into your notebook.