Eroticist goes abstract

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 19 January, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 January, 2005, 12:00am

When CitySeen received an invitation to view an exhibition of erotic paintings, we couldn't help but get some naughty ideas. After all, it was to be held in Lan Kwai Fong's C-Club, which calls its ladies' nights 'climax'.

While Malcolm Golding's paintings were undeniably erotic, we were a little surprised by a couple of works alongside the leather corsets and stylised genitalia. CitySeen noted paintings of abstract forms - a triangle with swirling lines around it, and something that looked like a conch shell.

'To me, those images are just as erotic as the representative ones,' explained the artist, who has lived in Hong Kong for the past 24 years. 'I was intrigued, like most people, with the erotic side of life, by that energy that everything else seems to be based around.'

CitySeen wondered if the artist had to do a lot of physical research in the course of his paintings. 'No, I haven't had much contact with the fetish community here in Hong Kong. My approach is more voyeuristic, looking from the outside in.'

Golding's art will be on display until tomorrow, when things will, uh, climax with a special ladies' night, themed 'exotic erotic'.