PUBLISHED : Friday, 04 February, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 04 February, 2005, 12:00am

The 12th speech day of Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School was held recently.

The ceremony, which also celebrated the school's 15th anniversary, started with the principal, Leung Siu-lee, delivering a progress report that highlighted the school's achievements and future direction.

The ceremony was officiated by guest-of-honour Professor Cheng Kai-ming, senior adviser to the vice-chancellor of the University of Hong Kong.

Professor Cheng encouraged the graduates to face up to future challenges.

He also presented certificates and prizes to the graduates.

Afterwards, Professor Cheng opened the school's Sculpture Garden. The garden, an artistic venue for students and teachers, was the brainchild of art teacher Li Kam-wah, who is committed to promoting students' aesthetic value.

The speech day ended on a high note, and marked a new beginning in the school's development.

December 19 marked the 22nd graduation and prize-giving ceremony of Immaculate Heart of Mary College.

Reverend Francis Lau, Reverend Sister Mary Andre Lafferty, Reverend Sister Mary Angela Lee, Reverend Sister Mary Annunciata Chou, Yeung Chok-mei and Cheung Yuk-lun attended the ceremony and presented certificates and prizes.

The ceremony started with hymn-singing and bible-reading. After principal Reverend Sister Mary Lucy Chung, delivered the annual report, Reverend Lau presented certificates to Form Five and Form Seven graduates and outstanding students.

As a Form Five graduate, I waited for my name to be called to receive my certificate.

It was a great moment because graduation was a new stage in my life.

I was impressed by Reverend Lau's speech. He said that different people drink water from different cups. The cups symbolised their jobs while the water inside was their quality of life. Most people put the emphasis on their cups but ignored the water. He said no matter what people did, as long as they were satisfied, they should not put too much emphasis on their salary or social status.

The most important thing was that people were happy and led a quality life, Reverend Lau said.

Rachel Li, the graduate representative, delivered the vote of thanks to the principal, teachers and other staff members.

There were performances by the school orchestra, drama club, Chinese and English verse-speaking groups and the school choir. Cherry Yip, a Form Seven student who won a radio singing competition, sang.

At the end, all teachers went on stage and sang Auld Lang Syne (pictured above). Some teachers and students were so moved that they cried. The ceremony ended with the singing of the school song.

Fung Sze-lok