Car racer paid $600 for sex session with 13-year-old, officer tells court

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 19 February, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 19 February, 2005, 12:00am

A policeman who worked undercover at an internet sex cafe yesterday said he gave a bill for $600 - for sexual services just received from a 13-year-old girl - to a man he later identified as celebrated car racer Michael Lui Man-ho.

The constable was giving evidence in Lui's trial. Lui has denied one charge of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl under 16, and one charge of indecent conduct towards another girl under 16.

Identified in Kowloon City Court only as 'Mr Chan', the constable said he had been posing as a waiter named 'Ah Kin' at the cafe in Jordan as part of Operation Hotspot.

At noon on November 17, 2003, he saw a man who looked 35 to 50 walk in wearing a baseball cap. 'He looked very familiar and I seemed to have seen him on TV,' he told prosecutor Christopher Coghlan.

Then a marker - a person who arranged girls for customers - told him the man wearing the cap was 'an old friend', 'car racer Michael Lui', Mr Chan said.

The marker soon arranged for a 13-year-old nicknamed 'YY' to serve the customer, and asked if she could provide the $300 'banging type' service.

The court had heard earlier that the cafe provided three services ranging in price from $100 for masturbation to $300 for intercourse.

YY fetched a condom from the bar area and returned to room 22, Mr Chan said. When she had finished, Mr Chan said he presented a $600 bill to the customer, which included two hours' room rental. He identified Lui as the customer.

Also giving evidence yesterday, YY told the court the marker had asked her to go into a room to serve a 'movie star'.

She said she saw the man's face during what she said was a 15-minute masturbation session but she did not recognise him as being a movie star. When asked how she managed to single out Lui in an identification parade, the girl said: 'I recognised him because he was the only one there that I had seen before.'

Under cross-examination, the girl said the chance of accurately identifying a man she had serviced was eight out of 10.