Yeung Tin Ming, Fung Shui Master

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 20 February, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 20 February, 2005, 12:00am

Incense: Lavender. 'It's nice and relaxing.'

Cologne: Hugo Boss.

Pets: 'My two sons, Walter and Martin.'

Most recent purchase: Polaroid Pinhole Camera 80. 'I like art and photography very much.'

Most extravagant purchase: Mercedes-Benz CLK in black.

Shoes: Louis Vuitton.

Jackets: Versace.

Shirts: Imperial.

Furniture: Chinese antiques, typically from the Ming dynasty. 'I have also designed a Lucky Fortune chair, which should sit in the west part of the room this year, in the Tai Sui position, to ward off bad luck.'

Art: 'I have some Monet, but they're definitely not originals. If they were, I could retire early! I like to paint as well, particularly watercolours.''

House: 'It's an apartment in an old building. It's quite messy and there are a lot of books scattered around. But it has good fung shui.'

Can't live without: Love.

Two things to bring to a desert island: 'The Bible, because it's a good story. I'd also bring one of those boards that you can surf on sand dunes with.'

On bedside table: Photography books.

Books: 'I've written 10 fung shui books. For reading, I like Harry Potter.'

Cell phone: Nokia 7610. 'It takes pictures, and you can also record videos on it.'