3 children may be too many, says San San

PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 February, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 28 February, 2005, 12:00am

Having three children is not on the agenda for windsurfing mother-to-be Lee Lai-shan, whatever Donald Tsang Yam-kuen says.

Speaking on radio about the chief secretary's appeal for couples to have at least three children, the 1996 Olympic gold medallist said having three children might be too much for her and husband Sam Wong Tak-sum.

'Raising a child is a huge task and needs a lot of commitment,' said 34-year-old San San. 'Having three children is not yet in our plan. We'll see how the first one goes. I am still not sure if I will be a good mother. And I'll be very old when expecting the third one. I am worried I won't have the energy to take care of three kids by then.'

San San said she had changed a lot since getting pregnant three months ago. 'I used to be a hot-tempered person ... I used to rush at everything, but now I just slow down,' she said.

San San, whose baby is due in August or early September, said she did not have detailed plans on how to raise her child, except she would be sure to teach it to swim.

'A lot of people have asked me if I would teach the baby how to windsurf. I'll definitely teach him or her how to swim because this is a basic skill that's going to save your life,' she said.

She believes in the importance of communication and education in a child's upbringing. 'I've discussed with Sam about sending our child to impoverished areas on the mainland to experience the hardships of life ... so he or she knows the meaning of no pain no gain.'