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Short and informative

PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 February, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 28 February, 2005, 12:00am

Sometimes you need to write in a way that uses as few words as possible. You need to use different types of sentences.

For example, when you want to sell something you own, you can place a classified advertisement in a newspaper. The short word for advertisement is advert.

And this type of advert is called classified because the different things for sale are placed in different categories or classes. This makes things easier for the reader. They can go straight to the section they want. They do not need to read all the adverts. This is useful and saves lots of time and effort. It is an efficient form of writing.

Classified Adverts


Mazda. A three-year-old 1.6l Mazda car for sale. Bodywork in good condition and a new engine fitted recently. Only 16k on the clock. Must be seen. Price: $12,000. Phone 34454 between 9am and 5pm.

Toyota. 1997 Corolla. Gold colour. Regularly serviced. Never been crashed. Road tax paid until next January. New tyres fitted recently. $7,000. Phone 12345 or mobile 9878787.


Wardrobe. Good, solid wood. 3 metres wide and 3.5 metres tall. Six drawers and shoe rack. No damage. Buyer must collect. $2,500. Phone 707070.

Dining Table. Solid teak. Sold with eight wooden seats. Ideal for dinner parties. Small scratch on one of the legs. $3000. Phone 3453245.


Teacher. Teacher required for kindergarten class. Must be qualified and hardworking. Good wages and conditions for the right person. Interviews to be held next week. Phone 190190 for details or write to Tinies Kindergarten, Kowloon.

Accountant. An accountant is required for a large local firm. Duties include auditing all the accounts and organising wages. Applicants should send their details to the Manager, Large Firm Inc, Mid-Levels, or Phone 232323.

Flats for Rent

Flatville Gardens. Large flat with balcony. Over 1000 square feet. Lovely sea view. Three spacious bedrooms and fitted kitchen. $18,800 per month. Car park available if required. No agents. Phone 567650.

Small studio flat for rent. 500 square feet. Modern furniture included. Suitable for single person. No pets please. A bargain at $7,500 per month. Phone Personal Estates 232323.


bodywork (n) - the metal shape of a car

recently (adv) - not long ago

teak (n) - a type of hard wood

wage (n) - money paid to do a job

to audit (v) - to check money and accounts

applicant (n) - a person who applies for a job


1. How old is the Mazda car?

2. How much was the Toyota car advertised for?

3. How tall is the wardrobe?

4. How many seats are there with the dining table?

5. Who should applicants for the accountant's job write to?

6. Which firm is advertising the small studio flat?

Writing style

The word 'advert' is a shortened version of 'advertisement'. Write the short forms of the words below.

7. examination

8. mathematics

9. bicycle

10. refrigerator

11. telephone

12. photograph

13. aeroplane


There were two types of jobs advertised above. If you look in a newspaper, you will see many more. Decide which jobs match the clues below. Write the answers in the crossword.

doctor, manager, nurse, engineer, secretary, fireman, cleaner

1. This person can be in charge of other workers

2. Somebody who keeps work places neat and tidy

3. A medical practitioner

4. If you have this job you build things

5. Someone who types and takes notes and minutes

6. Someone who helps to put out fires

7. A person who helps patients in a hospital

Answers: 1. three years old; 2. $7,000; 3. 3.5 metres; 4. eight; 5. the Manager; 6. Personal Estates; 7. exam; 8. maths; 9. bike; 10. fridge; 11. phone; 12. photo; 13. plane


1. manager; 2. cleaner; 3. doctor; 4. engineer 5. secretary; 6. fireman; 7. nurse


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