Clint is caught on a tightrope

PUBLISHED : Monday, 25 October, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 25 October, 1993, 12:00am

CLINT Eastwood plays a cop chasing a sleazy, scumbag of a serial killer in Tightrope (Pearl 9.30pm, Original Running Time 114 mins). Nothing new about that, but the difference between this thriller, and his previous three Dirty Harry films is that this time, Eastwood's cop, Wes Block, is as much a sleazy scumbag as his quarry. Both men roam the steamy streets of New Orleans lured by the S/M dives where anything goes - Block is one cop who insists on using the cuffs in bed as well as out of it.

To the killer, the only good hooker is a dead one, particularly if she's been with Block, and soon no woman who knows the cop is safe, including his daughter (played by Eastwood's real daughter Alison in her film debut). The cop/killer identity crisis is nothing new in movies, but director Richard Tuggle's treatment of the dilemma makes for riveting viewing (if it hasn't been cut to ribbons, that is). Eastwood is utterly convincing as the cop teetering on the tightrope between the man he strives to be and the man he fears he is.

Just one question: Why's it so dark? HAVEN'T seen the inspirationally-named movie Almost Pregnant (World 9.30pm, ORT 100 mins), but the synopsis describes it as a ''hysterical, erotic comedy''. Since ''erotic'' is a dirty word on HK television, it's difficult to fathom why it's being shown.

Anyway, the ''hilarious'' storyline is that Linda Anderson wants a baby but can't have one because ''her husband's sperm count is so low they can barely measure it''. Ho, ho, ho, sounds a real rib-tickler so far.

So, with her husband's permission, she takes a lover; discovers he's had a vasectomy so can't do the job anyway; but keeps him on - as it were - for the fun of it. Next, she takes another lover, but secretly this time, since her husband's ego has alreadytaken a severe battering.

Then her husband takes a lover and . . . that's enough of that. Perhaps this rubbish magically turns into comedy when translated on to the screen. Then again, praps not.

OUR Keef's in East Malaysia for this week's frantic edition of Far Flung Floyd (Pearl 6.55pm) He'll be cooking up tamarind chicken, while finding out about the local tradition of polygamy. A visit to a night market reveals a variety of local dishes and - to Floyd's delight - a shop selling British produce, where he can't resist the cream crackers and sandwich spread.

Then he's off to cook Malaysia's famed Beef Rendang for a local family in their kitchen, and to conjure up his own version of an east coast squid curry.

LIVE action from the Asian section of World Cup Qualifying soccer matches continues into its second week, with coverage of Japan v South Korea (Prime Sports 9pm) followed by Iran v North Korea (11.15pm).

HORIZON (BBC 4.05pm and 12.05am) delves into The Strange Life and Death of Dr Turing, the visionary, war-time code-breaker who died aged 41, reportedly a suicide.

Friends doubt that Alan Turing killed himself, and the programme looks at new evidence suggesting he was seen as a serious security risk in the corridors of power.