Should a nudist camp be set up on Lantau Island?

PUBLISHED : Monday, 07 March, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 07 March, 2005, 12:00am

Pulcheria Chung, 18 St Mary's Canossian College

There's nothing wrong about being nude and it's not illegal. But that doesn't justify having a nudist camp.

Being nude isn't wrong, but why should nudists get exclusive rights? Our islands and remote areas are something we're trying to preserve.

It would be a waste of resources and damaging to the environment to cut down trees and build recreational facilities for a small group of nudists. They can book a hotel room, or even a hall, for a private gathering. But a nudist camp is too much to ask for, when taking into consideration our financial deficit.

Nudists claim the camp could stimulate tourism and the economy. But how? Will the camp be open to the public?

Nudity is still a taboo subject which people feel uncomfortable about. Nearby residents may feel uneasy if nudists are walking around.

The Basic Law grants freedom of artistic expression on the basis that it doesn't affect the lives of other people. It should also be economical and contributive to society if it involves government expenditure. This would apply to nudist camps as well.

Oliver Kwan, 17 Delia School of Canada

One thing about people is that you can't stop them from doing something once they've set their minds to it. And when it's something as harmless as being nude in a private setting, why bother stopping them?

People don't think we should have a nudist camp because it is against their morals. If we start following one person's ideal of morality, we will end up with laws serving the individual and not the society. And why ban nudist camps when they are harmless?

Nudist camps are special resorts. People go there, have a few drinks, enjoy the scenery and socialise.

The only difference is that they do it without their clothes. No crimes are committed, no revolutions are staged. I'd rather have a nudist camp than bars in my neighbourhood. The government should be worrying about drug dealers and criminals instead of nudists.

Nudists are not an evil cult asking to walk through the streets naked. They're professionals who like to hang out naked and are considerate in asking for a secluded place to do this in.

I have no problems with a nudist camp being set up on the outskirts of town. Nudists would not poison people's minds or damage the tourist industry.