Let's invest in more bicycles

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 26 October, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 26 October, 1993, 12:00am

WELL, after travelling 300 kilometres between rally stages I've decided to invest in bicycles.

I've never seen so many bicycles in all my life and I'm told there is a Chinese company about to list on the stock exchange that makes 700 different models! I'm sure I'll be on a winning investment.

In fact, my teammate Colin McRae, his co-driver Derek Ringer and my navigator Bruno Berglund made some calculations when we were doing the reccie last month.

We estimated that if you took the rubber tubes out of the tyres of all the bikes in China and laid them end-to-end you would have enough rubber to circumnavigate the world 36 times! Now that's a lot of rubber.

It's amazing the things you talk about when you have long distances to travel in a motor car.

My luck returned yesterday after the fuel pump problem of the previous day and I made progress up the field.

I'm in third place now and want to add a Hong Kong to Beijing rally trophy to my collection of four Paris-Dakar trophies. I'm sure the trophy will look lovely on my shelf.

But there's still 16 stages to go and lots of work to do.

I've worked out my tactics, I'm going to have my teammates, Colin, who is lying second, for breakfast and Possum Bourne for lunch.

And as you know, we Finns love a challenge.