Pimp jailed for hurling bricks from high-rises

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 19 March, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 19 March, 2005, 12:00am

A 'reckless' 42-year-old pimp was jailed yesterday for repeatedly hurling bricks from high-rise buildings into the bustling streets of Mongkok.

Lo Chuen-sang, who admitted six counts of criminal damage between August and October and one count of resisting arrest, was sent to jail for 21/2 years.

District Court Judge Mary Yuen Lai-wah said his acts had been reckless, resulting in property damage and injuries to pedestrians in a crowded neighbourhood.

Judge Yuen said she rejected Lo's claim he was depressed due to financial difficulties and marital problems.

Psychiatric and psychological reports showed he was not suffering from any psychological problem, she said.

Stress could not be a mitigating factor if life was put at risk, Judge Yuen said.

A probation officer's report said Lo was a pimp who had abandoned his wife and two children almost 10 years ago, leaving them to fend for themselves on welfare.

The court was told Lo threw slabs of bricks - weighing between 2kg and 2.5kg - from high-rise buildings in Mongkok on six occasions between late August and early October.

The court heard that on one occasion in late September, glass was shattered and several pedestrians suffered minor cuts.

In early October, the police began surveillance after receiving reports of brick-throwing incidents in Mongkok.

On October 3 they saw Lo throwing a slab of brick from a high-rise building.

When they tried to arrest him he resisted but was eventually subdued.

Lo had terrorised the Mongkok district between 7pm and 9pm.

During his reign of terror, the glass canopies of a number of shops on street level were smashed and some billboards were damaged.