ESC Sequences

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 29 March, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 29 March, 2005, 12:00am

DeLorean's GOLD CAR

John DeLorean has died at 80, and his car was spectacular. When it was used for the film Back To The Future (three were used, in fact), it replaced a refrigerator. This is a gold one from Texas.


If you want an iBook to look like something else, well, you could make it furry. This is no joke - although it is hard to fathom why anyone would want a furry computer.

Shanghai Rap

A great site, but could be difficult if you do not read Chinese. Click on the characters to the right of each song name and you listen. Apparently, the Shanghai dialect is particularly suited to rap. Who would have known?


Duct tape around DOLLARS

Remember duct tape? It was going to protect every American household from terrorist attack. Well, now it can protect your money, too. Amazing, what this stuff can do.


This is the ultimate game addict's toy. Plug the little LCD device into your machine, using a USB, and it displays messages. If you get an important e-mail, or instant message, or whatever, you can have the entire screen for Doom but still see what you are missing.

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