Wealthy, eligible singles galore

PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 April, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 01 April, 2005, 12:00am

For a well-heeled catch, head for Central or Western

Central, Western and Eastern districts are the best bets for anyone seeking rich, educated and eligible singles.

Men and women in Central and Western are the highest earners in Hong Kong, with a median monthly household income of $23,000. The districts also have the second-highest literacy rate and proportion of residents - 33.6 per cent - who have never married. That's about 30,000 men and 39,000 women.

Eastern District has a slightly lower median monthly income, at $19,600, but it has 61,400 households with an income higher than $30,000 and more than 150,000 residents who have never married.

Even though the number of women in the city aged 15 and over exceeds the number of men by close to 300,000, there are more men who have never married than women. About 929,700 men in that age group never married, compared with 887,800 women.

Population and household statistics released yesterday show the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population based on data collected by the Census and Statistics Department between May and August last year. Prisons were not included.

While the highest median household income per month was in Central and Western District, the lowest was in Shamshuipo, at $11,700. Wan Chai was the only other district over $20,000, at $21,000. The district with the highest number of households with incomes exceeding $30,000 was Eastern, with 61,400 such homes.

Wan Chai has the fewest children under 14, only 17,700, while Yuen Long has the most, 108,400. Among retirees, Kwun Tong leads the pack with 93,300, while the islands have the fewest residents over 65, 10,600.

Hong Kong's overall literacy rate, meaning the percentage of people with secondary education and above, is 73.4 per cent. Those under the age of 44 had very high literacy rates, from 86.6 to 98.9 per cent, but the population over 65 had an overall rate of 20.7 per cent.