Recipe for creative writing

PUBLISHED : Monday, 04 April, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 04 April, 2005, 12:00am

Most of the time that you write you will use a specific text type. But good writers do not restrict themselves to using just one type at a time. You can be creative by mixing several at once. It is also fun. Trying lots of varied ideas stimulates your imagination and can give you more ideas for writing.

There are many excellent examples in literature of writers thinking in a way that is not obvious at first sight. It is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to have a go. Read the examples below that combine instructions with information.

The secret of success

What you need:

A bucket full of hard work

A dash of respect

15 years of education

A modicum of dress sense

A sense of humour

Lots of love for other people

12 kilos of honesty

What to do:

To lead a successful life, great care needs to be taken. First, prepare all the necessary personal qualities. These you should develop when you are young. Respect your parents and listen to what they say. Attend school regularly. When you are at school, pay attention to what the teachers have to say. Respect everyone in school. Always complete your homework and hand it in on time. Work hard to pass exams. Remember that honesty is the best policy and people always respond well to a smile.

Formula for failure

What you need:

A dose of misery

Lots of poor hygiene

A ladle full of laziness

A cup of cruelty

2 jars of jealousy

A pot of poor hygiene

What to do:

This is not a difficult set of instructions to follow. In fact, it is all too easy to follow them. You need to do as little as possible.

When you have no qualifications because you have been lazy at school, you will find it difficult to get a good job.

When you are cruel to people, they will not help you when you need it. And when you have poor hygiene, people will avoid you and you will probably be ill a lot of the time. Failure is easy to achieve. Although we have included this recipe, we cannot recommend it.


modicum - (n) a small amount

to attend (v) - to be present

cruelty (n) - unkindness

ladle (n) - a serving spoon

jealousy (n) - envy


1. What do you need a bucket full of?

2. What should you develop when you are young?

3. What is the best policy?

4. How much cruelty is needed?

5. When will people not help you?

6. What is easy to achieve?

Writing style

Writers often use very well-known phrases or sayings. One of those used above is 'honesty is the best policy'. Look at the sayings below and use the words to complete them.

broth, leap, trees, bush, nine

7. Look before you ________.

8. A bird in the hand is worth two in the _______.

9. A stitch in time saves _______.

10. Too many cooks spoil the _______.

11. Can't see the woods for the ______.


The first recipe talks about education. Read the clues below and write the subjects in the crossword.

science, geography, history, drama, English, mathematics

1. Study of the past

2. Acting and plays feature

3. Calculations and equations

4. Reading and writing

5. Laboratories and test tubes

6. Study of places around the world

Answers: 1. hard work; 2. all the necessary personal qualities; 3. honesty; 4. a cup; 5. when you are cruel; 6. failure; 7. leap; 8. bush; 9. nine; 10. broth; 11. trees

Crossword: 1. history; 2. drama; 3. mathematics; 4. English; 5. science; 6. geography


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