In Brief

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 April, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 21 April, 2005, 12:00am

Bad communication holds up police station revamp

Inadequate communication within the police force had led to a 21-month delay in a $650 million facelift for 59 police stations, the Audit Commission said.

Inspections also found that reception areas at six out of nine police report rooms were not manned by officers, while spare space totalling 1,686 square metres at three stations had remained unoccupied for more than two years.

Web cameras, keyboards and speakers in 16 report rooms were not used, while the information kiosk in the airport police station was only used once per day, the worst average usage for any such facility.

$208m mail system fails to sort out problems

Hongkong Post has been criticised for paying $208 million for a mail-sorting system with a working capacity only half that advertised. And despite a promise of less than 1 per cent sorting errors, 7.5 per cent of the mail ended up in the wrong place.

The Audit Commission urged officials to consult the Department of Justice to see if there had been breaches of contract in the purchase.

Challenge to rebuilding of little-used piers

The auditor has challenged the wisdom of a $350 million programme to replace deteriorating piers which does not take into account how often they are used. Only five of the 16 piers rebuilt since 1995 are still in use. The auditor called for a critical assessment when considering reconstruction.

Beneficiaries of repair work slow to pay up

About one third of the $51.9 million in repair costs owed to the government for work carried out on slopes, buildings and drains up to the end of last year has been outstanding for more than four years, the audit report said. Such cases have a six-year time limit before legal action is taken.