Sweet thought - with a bouquet or a brooch

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 April, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 April, 2005, 12:00am

Blooms 'N' Blossoms (Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, 2824 0161 and three other locations around town)

Kezia To, manager of the shop, has put together a floral arrangement, with each type of flower carrying a meaning.

'The orchids are potted, so they can be kept for a long time,' she said. 'Orchids are dignified and elegant, and loved by many ladies and tai-tais.'

Other flowers in the arrangement are peonies which bloom in May and are therefore perfect for Mother's Day. They are a good, upscale alternative to the traditional carnation.

To signify mother/child relationships, Ms To has added baby roses because when matched against the peonies they look like babies surrounding mothers. 'Roses are one of the most popular flowers, and the red ones represent love,' she said.

Finally there are the hyperium red berry and hanging amaranthus, which symbolise grandchildren. 'Many grandmas also receive flowers from their grandchildren and they would love this arrangement too.'

The pink in the arrangement is soft and gentle, Ms To said, while the orange-yellow gives it a cheery feel. The arrangement costs about $1,800 and is suitable for a corner table. Green Florist Shop (44 Catchick Street, Kennedy Town, 2974 1338)

A gem hidden in the Western district, this shop imports some of the best flowers in town. Shairy Hung, proprietor, has a few suggested arrangements to offer and she has even given them catchy names.

'Bless to Mum', at $800, consists of leucospermun (pincushion flowers, chosen for thefireworks-like look), peonies, carnations, sea lavender, Hankow willow, kalanchoe and ivy. 'The kalanchoe and ivy are potted, so they can continue to grow after the shelf-life of the fresh flowers,' Ms Hung said. 'In Chinese, kalanchoe means longevity and ivy eternal youth. They are perfect for mothers. I still include carnations because they are so representational of Mother's Day. Without them the arrangement would seem lacking.'

'Amazing Grace' ($800) consists of tulips, carnations, sea lavender, throatwort, veronica and snow-on-the-mountain.

'The overall tone is purple and that is a colour many women love. It is comforting and romantic,' Ms Hung said.

'This bouquet suits mums of all ages.'

'Appreciation' ($680) has pink roses, eveliens (a type of spray rose), bouvardia, mondo grass and Hankow willow. 'The pink roses and eveliens look like mothers and daughters together, and the pink theme makes this arrangement suitable for young mothers,' Ms Hung said.

'Best Mum Bouquet' ($680) features leek foliage, throatwort, lily, spinning gum and New Zealand pandanus. 'This one is for trendy mums. The pandanus gives the arrangement some nice curvilinear edges,' Ms Hung said.

Finally, 'Forever Mum' ($300) consists of carnations, spinning gum and ivy. 'This is a simple arrangement great for people on a budget, such as students who might not have too much money to buy Mother's Day flowers,' Ms Hung said.

Alternatively, give your mother flowers that last forever, such as the crystal 'red primula' ($360) by Swarowski (Airport 2261 2782; Canton Road Lane Crawford 2736 0076; Central Building 2530 9133; Fashion Island 2972 2198; Festival Walk 2265 7828); a bouquet clip of amethyst petals and pink sapphires ($195,000) by Van Cleef & Arpels (Pacific Place 2918 1661; Prince's Building 2522 9677; Peninsula Hotel 2368 7648) or pearl and semi-precious five-flower necklaces and earrings by Australian jeweller Jan Logan (2918-4212).