Han vows return to mainland

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 31 October, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 31 October, 1993, 12:00am

EXILED dissident Han Dongfang has vowed to use every means possible to return home after a Beijing court last week rejected his lawsuit demanding an apology and compensation for his expulsion from the mainland.

A defiant Mr Han, who has been stranded in Hong Kong since August, said yesterday: ''From now on, I will direct the drama. I will play an active role.

''I can't hope for any Chinese department to let me home. From today I will rely on myself; I'll use my own methods, my own hard work to attain my goal of returning home.'' The exiled unionist said he hoped to be back in Beijing before the end of the year.

''They handled this issue with their own logic, so I will handle this [the decision] with mine.'' Mr Han said he would not break the law: ''I believe that I can get back to China legally since I'm sure that my passport is still valid.'' Asked if he was afraid of being expelled or arrested again, he said: ''I have prepared myself psychologically for any possibilities.'' He also said a friend in Beijing would appeal against last Wednesday's court ruling that his suit was improperly filed, although he admitted he was not hopeful it would change anything.

''There is no difference in China between the high and lower courts,'' he said. ''The present legal system is a mess.'' Mr Han said the first thing he would do if the Chinese Government allowed him to return, was to have a meal with friends and then call the Public Security Ministry to tell them of his return.

The 30-year-old unionist, also known as China's Lech Walesa, was manhandled into the territory when he tried to return to China after 11 months in the United States, where he was treated for tuberculosis contracted during a 22-month jail term.