Young judo exponents show impressive skills

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 03 May, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 03 May, 2005, 12:00am

The inaugural China Cup Judo Championships attracted more than 480 participants, with about 150 medals and trophies handed out at the Pei Ho Street Indoor Games Hall in Shamshuipo on Sunday.

The event was an opportunity for young fighters to show their skills, with many executing well-practised throwing techniques such as the seoi-nagi and uki-goshi to claim ippon (immediate) victories.

'The ability on show was very impressive and having so many people taking part made the event a real success,' said Cheung Wai-yi, of The Hong Kong China Judo Club (HKCJC), who organised the competition.

Medals and trophies reached triple figures because of several weight categories in each of the four age groups (boys and girls). The tournament was jointly sponsored by Young Post, with Editor Kate Whitehead presenting the prizes.

Among the winners was Leung Po-sum, 15, a potential star from HKCJC who dreams of representing Hong Kong at the Olympics and Asian Games.

Po-sum, a student at St Stephen's College in Stanley, was the champion in the female 13-16 age group, +52kg category. She won the final bout using a seoi-nagi to gain two ippons. Other prize winners included Tam Ho-fung, Fung Kai-hin, Ho Tsz-yan and Chan Yee-shing. Forty-seven judo clubs were represented in the competition.

'We sent out application forms to all the clubs in Hong Kong and the reaction was very positive,' said Cheung. 'Our club is quite famous as many athletes from here have represented Hong Kong. It was the first time we organised a youth competition of this size. Everything went smoothly and many people said they enjoyed it.

'We wanted to start an event to develop the sport. We want to find the stars of tomorrow for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2009 East Asian Games in Hong Kong.

'Competitions like this help youngsters build a network of friends. There are three or four events a year, but it's not enough. Hopefully this will encourage other clubs to host one too,' Cheung said.

'There are three or four events a year, but it's not enough'