Nat Andrews

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 26 May, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 26 May, 2005, 12:00am

Social worker

My most recent big night out started fairly early, about 6.30pm, when we had a pre-dinner drink at Barco on Staunton Street, which is usually quiet then and has excellent happy hour prices.

The main event of the evening was something a little different for a Saturday night out: my husband, Mark, and I were off to Grappa's for a dinner/theatre extravaganza called Womberang, written by Sue Townsend (of Adrian Mole fame).

The evening featured a three-course meal, followed by the performance. The story was set in a gynaecologist's waiting room, so I have to applaud my husband's patience for sitting through the show. Although the food was only average, the play was full of laughs and there were some great individual performances.

By 11pm the show was over, and we went to Bamboo on D'Aguilar Street for an engagement party, where the champagne was flowing. The 90s techno music was a humorous oddity, although the bar was the perfect space for this kind of private shindig.

After the party, the group was feeling pretty joyous and theatrical, which could mean only one thing: karaoke. We headed for Neway in Causeway Bay (behind Windsor House). You check in at the lobby and then are ushered up to a private room. There, you can order whatever drinks and food you want and sing, with just your friends to be humiliated in front of. Happy days.

By the early hours we'd sung our fill, so we took a taxi back to SoHo where, surprisingly, not much was open. The Feather Boa was still serving though - the signless joint is all old-world grandeur and was a personal favourite before the bankers found it. Still, they have the best espresso martinis around - the perfect way to round off an evening.