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PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 May, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 27 May, 2005, 12:00am

We have selected one programme for each day of the week from TVB Pearl or ATV World. Enjoy the shows and learn English at the same time. We also recommend the daily news report (7.30-8pm, on both channels) which has English subtitles, helping you follow the news script and improve your pronunciation, listening skills and spelling.

May 27: The World of Exploration - Lice Planet (ATV World, 9-10pm )

The programme focuses on lice, a type of parasite that 'invades' our head or body hair.

With the arrival of homo sapiens, the forests of our body became sparse. Lice, invaders who fear the cold, were forced to move to our head hair and body hair.

Professor Goncalves de Araujo looks for lice on mummies to rewrite the history of Amerindian migrations. In Lisbon, Portugal, men trained monkeys to pick lice from people. Photo:

May 28: Ian Wright Live (ATV World, 8.30-9pm)

Host Ian Wright presents the eighth episode of a unique show in which he shares his experiences of travelling around the world. So what country is featured in tonight's show? Here are some clues: a cowboy hat, a cactus and a bottle of tequila. Yes, you've guessed it - Mexico!

Wright tells viewers about the problems he faced during the trip. Then he calls upon members of the audience to join his experiments with a lie detector. Wright also shares his experiences of whale watching, and in 'Cooking with Ian', he invites two members of the audience to sample one of Mexico's specialities - red-hot chilli peppers.

May 29: Sunday Showtime - Agatha Christie: Marple (ATV World, 9-11pm)

Two trains draw briefly alongside each other as they race past a countryhouse, and to her horror, Mrs McGillicuddy, Miss Marple's friend, witnesses a man in a passing carriage brutally strangling a woman. But as no body is found, the police decide she must have imagined the incident. Miss Marple is convinced the answer lies with the family who owns the mansion, and persuades a friend to pose

as a housekeeper and gather clues for her.

May 30: Churchill (TVB Pearl, 8:30-9.30pm)

Churchill uncovers the real Winston Churchill for the very first time with a startling new approach. It takes the audience on a journey inside the mind, words and actions of the hero. The programme looks at his childhood insecurities, motivations, desires and greatest fears. It will reveal what drove Churchill to become the man he was, what made him think that he could later change the course of history and, above all, what created his overwhelming sense of destiny.

May 31: Insects From Hell - Kill or Cure/In Deep Guano (ATV World, 9-10pm)

An insect transmits one of the world's deadliest diseases, but this is only half the story, because they are also being used to offer remarkable cures. Host Jake bares his flesh to parasites to investigate the amazing healing powers of insect larvae. He'll take a look at the role insects have played in modern-day and traditional African medicine. A daunting journey across one of Africa's most crocodile-infested rivers brings Jake to a remote cave, where he captures parasites that may never have been filmed before.

June 1: Bizarre Foods of Asia (TVB Pearl, 8:30-9.30pm)

We've all heard of fresh food, but when it's delivered to your table alive and kicking, that's bizarre ! Join Chef Andrew as he travels through Asia sampling some of the world's most bizarre foods. From the getermono bars of Tokyo where beating frog hearts, poisonous fugu and lizard sake are eaten for sport; to the hills of Chiang Mai, Thailand, where native tribesman capture and feast on bat - the engaging and adventurous Chef Andrew tastes it all amid some of the most unusual and picturesque settings in the world.

June 2: Man's Heritage: What Really Killed the Dinosaurs (TVB Pearl, 8-9pm, BBC Production)

Could one of the best known and most glamorous scientific theories be wrong? Until recently most scientists thought they knew what killed the dinosaurs. It was a 10km wide meteorite which smashed into Yucatan in Mexico. It caused worldwide forest fires, tsunamis several kilometres high, and an 'impact winter' - in which dust blocked out the sun for months or years. It was thought the dinosaurs were blasted , roasted, and frozen to death, in that order. But now there is increasing evidence the impact theory could be wrong. The suggestion has generated one of the most bitter scientific rows of recent times.