Following a sage's wisdom

PUBLISHED : Friday, 03 June, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 03 June, 2005, 12:00am

IN THE MIDST of the modern world of telecommunications, Edward Ho Yan-chi tries to live by the wisdom of ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Zi, who said: 'Those who conquer others have brawn and those who conquer themselves have power.'

The Sunday Communications shop manager said Lao understood - 2,600 years ago - the value of self-knowledge and improvement. 'I believe that hard work always pays off, which is how I've been able to last in the telecommunications industry. This industry is very competitive, with new products coming out every day and customers demanding more all the time. Every day brings new challenges and that gives me the drive,' he said.

Mr Ho's own hard work has paid off; he has risen from a junior position to sales management and his work has been recognised with a DSA award. Sunday assistant corporate account managers Arthur Yuen Hoi-pong and Kanis Tang Wing-yee also won DSA awards.

Ms Tang said it was important to customise presentations to different corporate clients.

'It is now not good enough for a telecoms salesperson to be a good interpreter of our products' functions and features and to compete with price,' she said. 'We need to take a deeper look at the customer's business nature, their staff and their call pattern to deduce their needs and to formulate different scenarios to motivate their purchases.'

For example, companies with a mobile workforce might use the location-based tracking service, which enables them to track staff through their mobile telephones with high accuracy. This gives companies more effective job dispatch systems to plan routes efficiently and ensure staff safety.

For Mr Yuen, a three-month summer job working as a telecoms service promoter before starting university was a personal turning point.

'I still remember how excited I was when I completed the first deal . It changed me from a shy to an active person who enjoys listening and sharing ideas with people.'

The summer job spurred his decision to major in sales and marketing in his business administration degree.

'During my university studies, I learnt the art of selling - it is not a product or service that we are selling. It is a solution we are proposing to resolve customers' problems or satisfy their needs,' Mr Yuen said.