Crystal bed

PUBLISHED : Friday, 10 June, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 10 June, 2005, 12:00am

A crystal bed? Never heard of it. No, you probably won't have. Natural health centre Zama International got the bed a few weeks ago and it's the only one in Asia.

Where did it come from? Energy healer Jenny Lethbridge went to Brazil in March to visit John of God (aka the Miracle Man) and while there, had a vision in which she saw herself bringing one of the crystal beds back to Hong Kong.

All sounds very New Age. Who's John of God? He's a medium and healer who performs thousands of so-called operations every week, with the help of more than 30 spirit entities, at his centre, the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola. He's a full-trance medium, which means he believes a spirit entity completely takes over his body and he has no recollection of the operations he performs. The entities who work through him are said to be the spirits of deceased doctors, surgeons and saints.

So where does the bed fit in? John created three crystal beds at his healing centre in Brazil.

Do you lie on the crystals? No. You lie on an ordinary massage bed and the crystals are suspended about 30cm above you. There are seven of them - one for each of your chakras.

Chakras? Chakras are energy centres located along the spine. They're said to be the openings that allow life energy to flow in and out of your aura. Believers say that, if your chakras are blocked, your physical and emotional health suffers.

So the crystals are supposed to unblock your chakras? Yes. They're supposed to help open and clean the chakras. But these aren't ordinary crystals. They've been mined in central Brazil, in an area said to have profound energy. Each crystal came from a single stone and was hand-sculpted beneath a waterfall.

Do you need to know where your chakras are to get a treatment? No. In fact, spiritual awareness isn't required at all. You lie on the bed and the crystals, held in place by a metal stand, are positioned over you. When the programme is on, each of the crystals pulse with a colour related to the chakra it's focused on. Soft music (think rainforest) plays and you're encouraged to close your eyes and relax. You're alone for the course of the treatment. A session lasts 20 minutes, and people are advised not to do more than three a day. If you're not sure how many to have, you can leave your name with reception and Lethbridge will - as she puts it - 'ask her guides'. People are advised to have an odd number of sessions.

Who should go? Anyone seeking a healing experience - physical, emotional or spiritual. In the few weeks the bed has been at Zama, users say they've experienced relief from migraines, constipation and digestive disorders. The bed is also said to help develop an inner sense of spiritual awareness.

Did it work for you? It was a relaxing experience, and there was definitely something going on because I could feel my body pulsing at the points where the crystals were directed. One woman who used the bed at Zama says she actually saw the entities working on her body.

How much does it cost? It's $250 for 20 minutes - so it's not going to break the bank. If you work in Central, it could be a good place to have a lie-down at lunch.

Zama, Room 1003-4, Kinwick Centre, 32 Hollywood Rd, Central. Inquiries: 2850 6400 or e-mail