Player a perfect fit for Hong Kong apartments

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 14 June, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 14 June, 2005, 12:00am

With space at a premium in many Hong Kong flats, it would be convenient to use a single, compact device to play all your digital music, pictures and movies on the television in the living area.

Korean firm Dvico thought about that, too, and has released the TViX multimedia player to do the job.

The TViX model M3000U I tested supports most of the video formats in use - including mpeg-1, mpeg-2 and mpeg-4. Using a 400-gigabyte hard drive, the TViX can accommodate about 57 DVD movies or 400 VCD movies.

The device measures 122.5 x 171.8 x 68.5mm and weighs 1.2kg with a 3.5-inch hard disk drive, which makes it small and light enough to stow in your luggage. It also comes with an internal power supply for maximum mobility.

That means you can download a video collection or home movies on to the TViX and take it on your next holiday.

It supports multilingual subtitles and closed caption, and movies on either widescreen (16:9) or standard (4:3) aspect ratio formats. Files are transferred from a personal computer through the device's USB 2.0 port. Files on Real Media and Quick Time formats are not supported.

The TViX plays MP3, Windows Media Audio and Ogg Vobis music files through the TV speaker or the stereo system at home or the office.

It is easy to organise playlists for both audio and video files, which eliminates the tedious task of changing discs. You can access contents and control playback in a manner similar to using a regular DVD player.

The TViX comes with a remote control that allows for setup, file browsing and full playback, with the usual pause, rewind and fast-forward options. The setup menu is simple, as the TViX offers a number of video and screen-size viewing options. You can also create a folder structure on the hard drive.

As a digital photo album, the TViX can hold thousands of jpeg images, with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. You can view those photos on the television in the comfort of your living room, instead of bringing your friends or family to see the images on your PC monitor.

The TViX also works as a portable data storage device that gives the user a choice of capacity. Its USB 2.0 port allows a user to transfer files at a fast 480 megabits per second. Another TViX model, the M3000F, provides support for IEEE 1394, also known as FireWire, as the interface for Macintosh users. On car entertainment systems, Dvico has especially developed the TViX model C3000U.

Unlike other devices in its product category, the TViX line was not designed to record video or audio broadcasts. But what it can do, it does very well.

Dvico TViX multimedia player


Price: $1,650 without the hard disk. Additional $632 for 160-gigabyte hard disk, $864 for 200GB hard disk, $1,376 for 300GB disk and $2,400 for 400GB disk

Pros: Easy to use and portable

Cons: On the expensive side