Uptown Rockers

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 June, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 June, 2005, 12:00am

Volar, tomorrow, 10pm

If you've been to a fashion show in the past year, chances are the music was provided by one of three impossibly cool Eurasian DJs. With their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks, the trio have carved out their own niche by dropping a selection of rock'n'roll mixed with new-wave electro house that just shouldn't work - but somehow always does.

Simon Pang, the Prawn and Drafus have united under the name of the Uptown Rockers to spin an eclectic soundtrack for, as the flyer for their monthly event says, 'daydreamers, moneymakers, crooks and heartbreakers'.

'All the other nights we've done have been on a comparatively smaller scale, and we've always wanted to do something on an international scale - or 'interplanetary', as the Prawn puts it,' says Pang.

'We don't want to copy anything else that's been done before - there's a real copycat culture in Hong Kong and we want to create something that's totally our own.'

And they've certainly done that. While most local clubs belt out a homogenous soundtrack of R&B or funky house, these DJs rely on an original combination of rocking guitar tracks and electroclash, the new-wave style that borrows as much from punk rock and 1980s synth-pop as it does from modern house music.

'We're happy to be pushing the envelope in Hong Kong - last time we were surprised that we were getting away with certain tracks and we found that the more adventurous we got, the more the crowd loved it,' Pang says.

'Even by 12.30am on the first night the place was rammed and we had a bunch of chicks down the front chanting 'Uptown Rockers!''

B/F, 39-44 D'Aguilar St, Central, free, members and guest list only (e-mail guest list requests to uptownrockers@gmail.com). Inquiries: 2810 1276